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    Also for your information,

    Neptune aquatics in san jose
    California reef co in fremont

    Both of these stores can set up your sump/plumbing for you if you want. They can set up your whole tank for you if you want. and theyd be glad to teach you how it works. Cost money but it may save you a headache and multiple trips to home depot.

    Yeah make sure your sump can handle the water that drains back into your sump during a power outtage.
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    Agree with the others, sump seems small.
    Especially if you plan a fuge section for chaeto.

    Consider two DC-6000 return pumps instead. (Separate return lines all the way)
    A bit quieter, and nice to have redundancy. Plus, you can use smaller pipes on each return.
    Note that return pump noise is often a function of the way it is plumbed as much as the pump itself.
    A short bit of flex tube does wonders to dampen noise.

    You can tee that reactor off of a return line instead of having a dedicated pump.

    Why 100 watts for 4 x Koralia 1500?? More like 25W.
    Also, make sure to estimate duty cycle for lights and heaters. Not on 100% of the time.

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