I have an urgent need to buy a tank

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  1. So... The back panel blew on my display last night and fish and coral are in buckets. I need a new display. My stand is 20" deep and it's oversized so I can be flexible on length. I want at least 40g and no bigger than 90. I prefer rimless and drilled but given my situation, I can be a bit flexible. Let me know if you have anything that might fit the bill. Thanks!
  2. Enderturtle

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    Umm if this is an emergency i recommend craigslist or buying a petco glass tank
  3. Craigslist was my first stop but so far I haven't found the right one so if any of you are holding on to some glass you want to offload please let me know
  4. Kensington Reefer

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    I've got a 40breedr you can use
  5. anathema

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  6. wpeterson

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    I have a 20g petco tank you can have/borrow if you need emergency tank setup for fish corals. I'm in Mountain View, but gone for the weekend. PM if you need help.
  7. Thank you both, I've contacted the owner of the oceanic posted there and I'm trying to make that work. I'll know by tomorrow if he's going to sell it or not.
  8. Apon

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    what caused the blowout?
  9. About 2 months ago I cracked the back panel moving it, so I went to a local shop and had a new back made and repaired it myself. The shop said that the glass I broke was a European size and that despite the slight difference in thickness, this should be fine. Evidentially it was not thick enough. It split from a weak spot where it was cut for the overflow, diagonally across the back. The silicone held so it was not a catastrophic blowout, rather it was like a squirt gun s shooting out from the corner of the tank. I'll pull this one apart and repair it with a thicker piece this time, but I don't have time for that now, so in the interest of my animals health, I'm going to replace it.
  10. Kensington Reefer

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    If I may...
    Don't bother attempting to fix the broken box of water
    Just buy a new tank!
    Much less risk of failure
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    If you do fix the tank, be sure the instead of allowing the corners of the cut to be 90 degrees, make the corners rounded, I use drilled holes.

    90 degree corners in glass is bad news.
  12. That was the problem, 90┬░corners. In going to fix it with a new solid back, no drilling or otherwise. It'll just be a cube and I'll sell it since it would be a shame to waste a nice tank. Anyways I wound up purchasing that oceanic 57 posted above and I'm all set. Thanks for everyone's help and input. Hit me up of you're interested in a nice 35g cube. I'll have it repaired and ready in the next few weeks.

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