Ich: Finding My Truth (amidst the gazillion philosophies, schools of thought and approaches)

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    BAYMAC Guest

    its called the World Wide Web for a reason:


  2. rygh

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    Ahh, but Rasa shastra, which I think is conceptually part of Ayurveda might in fact cure ich.
    One part of that can include adding copper.
    (Just having fun, not meant to offend various beliefs)
  3. ReefLove

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    Now, let me add by saying that, by calling it an "alternative medicine" doesn't make it alternative to something, western countries have always been ignorant of these things and always said their stuff is better than others. If you don't know the green tea has been a medicine in Ayurveda for years. Also there are natural approaches that can cure most of the illnesses.

    Like "Aswagandha" has been proven again again to promote good health and no side effect and its one of the best stree reliever yet invented, it's a root of a plant. You can find it in GNC try it for 30 days and tell me what you think. It's non addictive, non habitual.

    Also, what is yoga ? It spart of Ayurveda, garlic makes blood thin, proven many times over. Clarifies butter is good for brain development and your skin, lime is good source of vitamin C. haldi is good antibiotic. I can go on and on.
  4. ReefLove

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    Robert, lets just say that I do not trust your business ethics and leave at that. I'm gonna ignore whatever you say, there can not any authenticity in that.
  5. robert4025

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    I wasn't trying to gain your trust so I can totally careless about what you think of me.
  6. Thales

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    I'll call BS on most of that, but I would love more than anything to be wrong. :D
    Since you say it works it is up to you to provide reasonable evidence - please point me to some peer reviewed studies that show that under reasonable experimental conditions that ""Aswagandha" has been shown to promote good health and no side effect and its one of the best stree reliever yet invented". If it really works, then such studies should be very easy to do and very easy to find. Thanks in advance!
  7. bookfish

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    And I'd like a link to the study that looked into vitamin C for ich. TIA-Jim
  8. tankguy

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    I dont think I'll be adding any eastern medicines to my tank
  9. goldielocke76

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    LoL other than good food, clean water, and maybe something for alkalinity, I won't be adding ANY kind of medicine to my tank. It all needs to be done in QT or hospital tank ;)

    NIMFT= Not in my fish tank LoL

    Let's keep on topic peeps, no room for pointing fingers and name calling here! :D

    Hopefully Reeflove will post some peer reviewed articles so Rich can help keep us skeptical. This has been a very informative thread ^.^
  10. BAYMAC

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    I think you failed to see the point of my post :) I gave you a link to peer reviewed papers on the subject, so for, some against. Lots of information. You won't get much further with Rich without backing up what you have to say :D

    The WWW is world wide in fact, no need to go to India to find such information.
  11. Crabby

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    FWIW, I wouldn't put any confidence that papers published by Hindawai have gone through a rigorous peer review process. Thus, I am not inclined to search for good science there.
  12. BAYMAC

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    The paper posted wasn't posted for any peer review work, did you look at it? I posted it for the table showing "internet hits" ;)

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