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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by WrightReef, Jan 30, 2017.

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    ID Help,

    I've done all the research I can and cant find this guy...

    Hitchhiker of unknown type, what I do know.
    Green has tentacles and will retract into a hard stony base. Was two but killed one then had second thoughts on other after I released it has a encrusting skeleton and cant be an anemone. This one is 3-4mo old and growing about the size of a Zoa as I made sure one was in frame. Second shot (with red probe tip) was after I touched it showing it closed up. It is growing dome shaped and its base keeps adding more tentacles/heads.

    ID, keep and watch or smite it?

    image1 (7).JPG image2 (1).JPG
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    Kind of hard to tell from the pic, but does it look like this?


    If so, I wouldn't worry about it. I have the above that hitchhiked in on a maricultured base. Most likely a Galaxea sp. of some sort. It's also tiny even though the pic doesn't look like it. Shot was taken at full 1:1 with a Raynox DCR-250 attachment.
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    Thats very close,

    The holes are very very close together and cant tell them from the other.
    will power up the SLR and marco lens
  4. WrightReef

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    Only got a few shoots need all my batteries are dead then lights went to dusk.
    That and the clowns all wanted to be in the pictures, typical.

    The Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoas in the picture are new and were from Aquarium depot.
    They are now 10+ heads for $4.99, was more like 15-22 heads on Zoa I received!
    LINK to page,

    Sales change weekly on sunday, trick is to buy a few sale items then delay shipment and tag on the next weeks or twos sale items to one shipping order. They had some great end of year sales and a site to bookmark and keep eye on.

    Hitchiker .JPG

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