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Discussion in 'Coral' started by Kim Pattison, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Kim Pattison

    Kim Pattison Supporting Member

    [​IMG] all pastel colors. The colors are as they appear. Cannot figure out eyes.

    .[​IMG] this one has yellow eyes. Red, blue, purple flesh

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  2. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Watermelon Chalice?
  3. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Chalice, most likely an Echinophyllia sp., possibly E. aspera. Unless there's lineage to it, it's just a wild/maricultured/etc. chalice, although it's never stopped anyone from naming them.
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  4. I'd name it Bob.
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  5. roostertech

    roostertech reef noob

    It is more like a Kevin
  6. euod

    euod Supporting Member

    Another version of rainbow chalice.
  7. How about Bevin then?
  8. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    Funny that both Bob and Kevin are names of minions. Why not throw Stewart in the mix.
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  9. Baykes

    Baykes Webmaster

    I'm just happy I wasnt the only one that noticed :)

    Nice looking chalices though! Unfortunately I have no idea on the names...
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  10. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Second one might be Mycedium sp.
  11. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    Umm, that's not a minion.
  12. Maybe it's a full size onion.

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