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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by All4Cody, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Just paid my dues so I'm officially a BAR member. I currently have two tanks a 60 gallon and a 30 gallon. Don't have much time to go over them right now but will up date tonight. Just wanted to post this to say HI!!! ;D
  2. velkomm to the club :)
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    howdy :-D
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    Welcome Aboard
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    Welcome to BAR!

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    welcome to the fun club where the wine is free but the cheese cost money
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    So, first off I would like to introduce myself and my family. My name is Kelly, my husband is Bryan and our 5 month old baby boy is Cody. My Mom Karen also tags along from time to time. We live in Soquel which is a little town just outside of Santa Cruz.
    The Tanks:

    The 60 Gallon Mixed Reef:
    60 gal Tru-vu tank w/ back OF
    48" Tek T5 HO 6 bulb light
    Aqua C Remora Protein Skimmer
    20 gal sump/refuge
    120 lbs of LR
    60 lbs of LS

    Lawnmower Blenny
    Long nose hawk fish
    Female maroon clown
    Coral Beauty
    Blond Naso Tang
    Copper BTA (just found out today thats what she was)
    Misc. HC and S and what ever HH are hidden in there.

    Corals consist of a mix of SPS, LPS, Softies, and Sponges.

    The 30 Gallon Tank:
    30 gal glass tank
    36" Nova Extreme 4x39 watt T5HO, 3 Lunar Lights
    Aqua C Remora Protein Skimmer
    10 gal sump/refuge
    80 lbs of LR
    40 lbs of LS

    Just one Regal Angel
    and HC and S
    the occasional little neck clam for her to eat.
    no corals as of yet but may add a few SPS.

    Now the big project (which we just got today)
    Our new 300 Gallon Tank:
    so far we have,
    300 gal Tru-vu tank w/ center back OF
    Black stand and canopy
    2x400watt MH and 4 CF (which might be updated to T5s and LED moon lights)
    50 gallon sump/ refuge
    this will be our main DT the others will be specialty tanks with the 60 becoming the new home for the Regal and a SPS only tank.

    So thats us I will be doing a tank journal on the 300, so watch for that to be posted. I will post picks soon too of our current 60 and 30 gal tanks.
  8. Hi Kelly welcome to BAR you won't find a nicer bunch of people then you will here, these reefers are top notch, they really care for the creatures they have and really go out of there way to help those in need. So sit back and fire away any questions you may have and I'm sure if you sift through the replies you might find the right answer in.....there..........................somewhere ;D.

    Reef Equiptment Gatherer.
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    Welcome to the club. Look forward to seeing a build thread for that 300g :)

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