Is my cyphastrea dead?

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by Fish Boss, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Aug 25, 2016
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    So i just bought some coral online from aquarium depot. They have great prices, but ive read a ton of bad reviews. Anyways, i ended up buying one blasto, one peppermint acan, one blood red chalice, some alien eye zoanthids, and one meteor shower cyphastrea. Acan looks good, small but has 3 heads, relatively good color. Blasto looks good, but is very small, one head. The chalice looks great, big piece, ~ 3 eyes. Zoanthids havent opened much yet, color looks different than the picture on the website, but we'll see. Then comes the cyphastrea. It is super brown and yellow, very different than the blue/red i was expecting, and the piece as a whole looks different than the other cyphastreas that i have bought recently. So, 1, is this meteor shower cyphastrea, and 2, is it dead, or can it make a come back. Thanks for the help in advance

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    It's hard to say definitively from your pic but you're right, it looks nothing like mine. IMG_3778.JPG
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    I wouldn't say dead, they are pretty hearty and can likely come back. Could be a meteor shower. Time will tell. Wouldn't order from a place that sent me that again fact, I only buy stuff from Lfs or from local hobbyists.
    None of what you bought is hard to find locally.
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