[January 16, 2016] Introduction to Aquarium Photography Workshop

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    [​IMG] Information

    • BAR will be hosting a introductory workshop on Aquarium Photography. The main goal of this event is to teach you what you need to know to take still shots of your aquarium.
    • This workshop will NOT cover fish photography since low light is often the limiting factor in aquarium.
    • This workshop is focused on hobbyists beginning to learn how to control color and take sharp photos using camera phones, point-n-shoot cameras, and DSLR cameras.
    • We will be taking pictures of corals in the frag tanks. Hands on learning!

    Do Your Aquarium Pictures Look Like This?
    No that isn't what it looks like in person. Let's try and fix the color and sharpness issues.

    Your Guru:

    Is me, Michael aka EnderTurtle. I have been playing with photography on and off for the past 7 years. I am in no way an expert or professional photographer but I feel that I'm fully qualified to teach a free class on introductory photography focusing on the aquarium environment to my favorite reef club.

    Here are some of my sample pictures.

    rics.jpg IMG_5050.jpg IMG_0967.jpg IMG_0996.jpg

    Main topics
    • Understanding White Balance, Aperture, Shutterspeed, and ISO and how they affect color, sharpness, and depth of field.
    • Maximizing Photo Quality from a Camera Phone.
    • Tips for taking Better Pictures with your Point-And-Shoot Camera or DSLR Camera.
      • Overview of Common Equipment used in Aquarium Photography by hobbyists/vendors.
      • At the end I'll ask if you guys are interested in learning how to post-process RAW files.
    My main goal is to teach you what you need to know to go home and take decent aquarium pictures.

    I encourage you to bring your own cameras too and try techniques out as we learn them.

    Schedule of Events

    • 12:30PM Start Talking about Photography Basics and Camera Phones
    • We Go Take Pictures of Corals in the Frag Tanks
      • If you don't want to learn about more advanced photography topics, you can leave at this point.
    • Jump back into the second half to talk about Point-n-Shoot Cameras and DSLR Cameras
    • We Go Take Pictures of Corals in the Frag Tanks
      • You will get to try some of the equipment.

    [​IMG] Event Details

    • Location: California Reef Co.
      • 42732 Albrae St, Fremont, CA 94538
    • Date: January 16, 2016 (Saturday)
    • Time: 12:30PM

    [​IMG] Free Raffles
    • 1 DIY SLR Camera Porthole
    • Orange Gel Filters
    • California Reef Co. TBD Raffle

    This event is for BAR Supporting Members Only.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Enderturtle, Dec 15, 2015.

    1. Enderturtle
      Hello lurkers.

      I really need to see input on your thoughts about this event

      The December meeting I expected 15 people based on RSVP and posts. 30 people showed up (meaning 15 other people were looking, showed no interest and just showed up without telling anyone) instead, which is fine because that's a potluck but the room literally had no seats left for people. I like having a packed room but I really want people to not have to sit on the floor.

      This event is at another location and I have to deal with getting enough chairs ready.

      So use the RSVP. Post something. Please don't lurk and show up and expect seats.
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    2. Flagg37
      Cool. Looking forward to hearing more about this.
    3. Scott Sweet
      Scott Sweet
      I will be there
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    4. jonmos75
      Wife & I are so bummed that we wont be able to make this event....I hope it is successful so we can maybe do it again next year...
    5. Vhuang168
      Argh, would love to go but I'll have to see if I can get Saturday off. Too bad it's not a Sunday!
    6. Enderturtle
      UPDATE: Date has been changed to January 16th.

      A lil sneak peak but we are talking with Scott Fellman about coming up to talk in February :)
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    7. 2manyhobbies
      I will be there with camera and cell phone camera.
    8. wfong
    9. jonmos75
      Update My Wife & I will now be attending after the date change...Yahoo:)
    10. wfong
      I'll be there. I have a nikon coolpix P510 I need to learn how to use.
    11. MolaMola
      Sigh. Was looking forward to photography intro with classroom's new DSLR but new date is 3-day weekend and I plan to head to the mountains. Hopefully I can glean some info from post-meeting comments and come in February.
    12. Merith
      I'm gonna go with a tentative maybe right now. Really would love to come but haven't been doing so well lately so I'll just have to play it by ear.

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    13. Jay Lee
      Jay Lee
      Hey Mike. I'll be there, and I'll bring my quasi-DSLR ~
    14. Scott Sweet
      Scott Sweet
      Ugh..I can't make the 16th. Sorry all.
    15. tygunn
      Looking forward to this; maybe I can start to take some nicer pics!
    16. Vhuang168
      Took the day off so I'll be there! I'll be bringing my dslr and canon macro lens. Anyone with a Canon EOS camera is welcome to try.

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    17. MolaMola
      Oh man, my new camera is a Canon EOS. So wish I could make it.
      Any techie people want to make a podcast of the workshop??? : )
    18. tygunn
      I am sure we could arrange to record the workshop.

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    19. tygunn
      Speaking of this event I'm in Cupertino (nearer to Sunnyvale). My car is broken, so Curious if anyone in the area would be able to give me a ride. I'd be happy to chip in gas money.

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