January BOD Minutes

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    January 2010 BOD Minutes

    February Regional Swap
    Our February Regional Swap, which will take place February 13, 2010 at the Chabot College cafeteria, has been launched with a post on the BAR website. This includes an extensive explanation of how our swap will work. Once again there will be a “Newbie” table where people can learn more about reefing and get test standards.

    BayMac, which will be the only Reef show in the Bay Area this year, will be held May 8, 2010 also at the Chabot College cafeteria. BayMac will be hosted by BAR for the first time. There will be coral vendors, equipment vendors and representatives, and guest speakers. More details to come.

    DIY/Educational Seminar Update
    One of the BOD’s goals for the year is to have some DIY/Educational seminars through the year. Before this BOD meeting there was a seminar on water testing. Both Bryan and Tony spoke on the theory of water testing and after the meeting some water was tested. The possibility of making and posting instructional videos was discussed.

    Chat Sessions
    Another of the BOD goals is to have scheduled topical chat sessions. There have been two somewhat successful chat sessions to date. The consensus was that each session should have a main speaker and a moderator to keep the session flowing. The possibility of “whispering “ questions to the moderator was suggested.

    BAR Coral Book
    Bryan came up with the idea of creating an informative eye candy coffee table style book of the Corals of BAR. Each featured coral would have pictures from different views, growing conditions and history. The book will cost nothing to produce and would be a great promotional item for events attended by BAR. Members are encouraged to post your favorite corals in the Book thread on our website.

    Propagation Program Update
    The purpose of the program is to grow out frags of corals to be used for BAR swaps and raffles. This reduces and hopefully eliminates the need for the club to buy wild collected corals. Program corals are being grown in several members’ tanks to prevent loss from a single tank crash. The program has been very successful so far and will be providing corals for the raffle at the upcoming regional swap.

    Bar Membership Cards
    The pros and cons of having BAR membership cards were discussed. The BOD voted against the idea.

    Member Nametags
    Nametags are beneficial in helping integrate new members into the club. After fielding several suggestions, the BOD voted to have Tim preprint nametags. He offered to design six different examples from which we can choose.

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