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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Jeff Rehling, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Hello reefers...getting my doser this afternoon. My question, calibration looks easy, but i presume I should calibrate the doser using the length of airline tubing that I would actually use both from the solution to the doser, and doser to the sump?
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    I think they should be already calibrated or run at the same RPM, difference might be the time they run.
    Test your dosser by time; let's say one minute each pump and check how many ml of liquid each pump draws.
    Part A and B (Calcium and Alkalinity) should be the same.
    Once you set your dosser, leave the effluent of each pump drop where there's good flow and apart from each other.
    When you are ready for Magnesium dossing, remember this one is in a different ratio than A+B, you don't dose the same amount as the other two.
    I keep this simple rule for Calcium and Magnesium levels but is just me; testing is king for these elements.
    My rule was(and will be or already is) 400 Calcium, 1200 Magnesium (1:3 ratio)
    That is my starting point to then try to fine tune the dossing parts.
    Test first each and slowly bring it up to level or dial back if too high (a water change normally takes care of reducing the levels when high)
    Peri pumps should not have an issue with liquid flowing in reverse but if you want to be on the safe side, use a check valve on each pump at the effluent side.
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    He's asking if the dosed amount will change based on how long your 1/4" tubing is
  5. As long as the dosing pump head is accurate then it doesn't matter how long the tube is. It will dose the same amount at the dosing head as ends up going out the end of the tube. However, I'm not sure I'd trust a Jebao pump to be accurate over time. I'd test/calibrate it regularly.
  6. Btw make sure you check the end of the tubes often to break-up and clean the build-up. And change the tubes on a regular basis.

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