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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by F6553066, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. F6553066

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    I just received an email from a vendor announcing that they have the new Jebao dosing pump. Has anyone bought one? If reliable it seems like a good deal. It has 4 dosing pumps and can be set for 24 cycles per day. Cost from Fragfreaks is 115.00.
    Dick Flanagan
  2. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Wow. That's cheap!
  3. tr1gger

    tr1gger Keyboard Cowboy

    That's one piece of equipment I wouldn't gamble on.
  4. Merith

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    I'm with trigger on that one. I'm worried to set up my bm one so close to being gone for two weeks.

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  5. F6553066

    F6553066 Guest

    Jebao's pumps seem to get good reviews. I have 2 rw15 and 1 rw8. So far so good. But it would be better if the dosing pump had been out for a longer period of time. Unless I find some bad reviews I will probably get one later this summer and test it out. One of my 3 tanks sure could use one, especially with 4 pumps. I will monitor the usage daily to see if the dosage is correct and do more frequent testing. If it works and think it will 115.00 is a lot better than 400.00 plus for other 4 pump dosing pumps. This Jebao company seems to be one of the few mfg. that price their product reasonably. Of course quality is very important, but only time will tell. I'm so old I remember when no one wanted to buy Japanese products.
  6. tr1gger

    tr1gger Keyboard Cowboy

    Also remember that jebao isn't UL certified which is why they aren't carried by the major companies (BRS, Marine Depot ETC).

    I also find it strange how these have to be calibrated. You have to measure out 100mls of RO and start and stop a timer for the pump to record the amount of time it takes to dose 100mls. Seems like the pumps are not very precise and would probably lose their precision quickly.

    When the WPs first came out they had lots of problems albeit they were corrected in time.

    I don't mind using their powerheads, if it fails it just l0cks up and I would toss it. That dosing pump puts a gallon of alk in and your tank is done-zo.

    All my .02

    Let us know how the test goes.
  7. sfsuphysics

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    I'm kind of torn on them for things like dosing pumps. On one hand there's the whole "do you want to risk it" mentality, but the other if you look at just about any other doser broken down out there they're all fricking identical to one another, in fact a great many of them don't even go so far as to change the coloring of the case or the touch pad interface. So I imagine some Chinese factory just cranking these guys out and slapping whatever sticker the company that paid them to make X number of units.

    That said I've had a dosing pump issue, with a good reliable peristaltic pump that was put on a timer, one by Neptune Systems, the control stuck on, and it dosed a good 3 gallons of alk & calcium mixture into the tank. So it's not always the "cheap stuff" that has issues. The upside is the tank really didn't have much bad with it, since it precipitated it looked like a snowy winter wonderland in the tank with no corals lost :D
  8. HiFidelity

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    Mike is right, everything out there is the same design & place of manufacture as these;

    I believe the only way to avoid purchasing a Chinese dosing pump would be the Vertex Libra which frankly costs more than my entire tank, livestock equipment & absolutely everything attached to it. Fortunately I've never needed more than my single peristaltic pump so I have not had to approach this dilemma, when I do I will certainly go with something similar to the Jebao and the reason is described bellow.

    Mike, I have a few thoughts regarding the problem with outlet staying on. You're using ACIII like I am so what I've done is put the dosing pump, ATO & return pump on one energybar (Aquacontroller's relay box), then the powerbar is plugged into a Tunze alarm which monitors 3 water levels (typically sump low, sump high & DT high) if the alarm is triggered by either of the "too high" sensors it kills whatever is plugged into it (the energybar in my case) until you physically reset it and fix the water level. I found this the perfect way to make sure nothing bad happens in case a float switch or relay got stuck on. Another idea is to use the 8 outlet energybar for your dosing pump because it has solid state relays which can cycle on & off many more times than magnetic relays found in the 4 outlet energybar, I wasn't sure which one you were using.

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