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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by zambavi, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Elite

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    Welcome back Jeff!!.. I was wondering what happen to you :)
  2. cwolfus

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    Yup, glad to have you back.
  3. zambavi

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    Thanks guys... looking forward to getting my elbows wet here again....
  4. zambavi

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    Hello Reefers... My apologies for not being on these last several months… Life has thrown me a few pretty severe curve balls since July ‘09 and I've had my hands full adapting and changing. Unfortunately, around August/September of last year I had a tank crash that I believe was the result of my 3 year old son putting an unknown amount of unmixed salt directly into my sump. (My guess was that it was probably around 12-18 cups worth) It was a nightmare and I did a ridiculous amount of water changes over the course of the week but still lost about 70%+ of my coral stock. The fish and inverts seemed a little agitated at first but otherwise are still healthy and strong. The only fish losses I’ve had over the past year are that my Chrome 12 pack has become a 9 pack due to some aggression. Much of my SPS and LPS were wiped though during the crash. I've since maintained the tank but have done nothing to restock other than a few inverts and the tank now more closely resembles a FOWLR than a reef.

    Having to make a couple changes now…

    1st… I’ve got to break down my current system. I need to have it completely taken down and sold by June and will be selling most all of my equipment and live-rock so let me know if you’re interested in anything. I believe what I’ve got is all here in this thread. I will also be looking for good homes for all my fish… Also all listed here in this thread.

    2nd… I have a few pieces of SPS and LPS that survived the wipe and I would like to donate these back into the club… I’ll come up with a list of what I have with pictures and hopefully one of the officers can take them off my hands for the next swap or to grow out for DBTC.

    3rd… I just can’t give it up completely so I will be starting up a 6 gallon nano-cube that will reside at my office. I’ve had the tank for over a year now and have just never got around to setting it up. I won’t be keeping any fish in it but plan to keep the nicest and most colorful softies and zoa’s I can get my hands on. I will probably start up a tank thread on the site to track my progress. I plan on cutting down my cycling time considerably by taking rock, sand and water out of my existing system to get going. I’ll probably get myself a diverse starter pack of zoa’s somewhere to get myself started and hopefully can start growing them out so I can get back into the DBTC program.

    Well… I wanted to give you guys an update. Many of you did a ton for me a year ago in helping me get stocked up on some nice corals. I regret the losses and just need to take a step back for now in my life and keep it really simple. Hopefully a year or so down the road I’ll be in a place to set up a large volume system again.

  5. sid700

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    Hey Jeff. Sorry about your set backs. Let me know if you need anything for your nano.
  6. zambavi

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    Thanks Bernie... I might hit you up at some point. Priority now is breaking down the large system and getting the nano up and running. Just realized that my club membership expired also so need to get that back up again.

  7. tuberider

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    Dang Jeff, that's too bad, you seemed very passionate about the hobby. Hopefully someday you'll get back on the horse.
  8. Apon

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    wow you are alive...some of us wondered what happened to you.
  9. zambavi

    zambavi Guest

    Ya Jeremy... still feel passionate about the hobby but it's been tempered for now with life and family complications. Good thing though is that I'll have a 6g nano I'll work on regularly at work. I'll get back to a large system at some point just don't know when.
  10. Tumbleweed

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    Sorry to hear that Jeff. Good luck with everything. 1 suggestion though is you might want to list everything you have that you want to sell. It will make it easier for people to find.
  11. zambavi

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    I'll put a list up in the coming weeks... Going to focus on getting my nano set up over the next week first. I'll post in appropriate forum as well as a new tank thread for my nano.

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