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    Dec 3, 2008
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    HI, so I am starting this journal to track the progress of my new tank. I picked up the stand at Aquatic Collection in Hayward tonight. The tank (48" x 18" x 20") should be available for pick up in the next few weeks. This gives me time to get the sump, a new skimmer and find the perfect location.

    90 Gallon Oceanic Tank and Stand.
    250 MSX skimmer I will be downgrading to a MSX 160 or 200 since the MSX 250 is TOO BIG.
    36" TEK T5 39watt (6) bulb.
    TLF phosphate reactor.
    AquaController III w/ DC4, DC8, PH probe and Temp probe.

    Thanks for looking!


    Tank Stand

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