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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Jombo, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Jombo

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    This is my 40 gallon breeder tank. I've had it set up for about a year now. I just started getting into SPS, mostly encrusting montiporas, but overall I think my tank is more of a softy/LPS tank. I guess I can track my tanks progress with a post like this. Anyways, here are some specs that everyone loves so much:
    Tank: Standard 40 Gallon Breeder
    Stand: Standard basic maple stand and canopy
    Light: 5x39W T5HO's on Accustart Ballasts from ReefGeek. Right now my bulb combo is front->back: ATI Blue plus, UVL superactinic, ATI Aquablue Special, ATI blue plus, and UVL aquasun. I have the superactinic and a blue plus on for 8 hours and the other three bulbs on for 6.
    Flow: I have a vortech Mp20 running on ReefCrest Mode and a tunze nanostream 6025 unmodded.
    Filtration: Octo BH100F HOB protein skimmer. I have my heater and a pump in the last chamber of the protein skimmer to that runs through a phosban reactor.

    Stock wise I have 4 fish. 2 bar gobies, 1 flasher wrasse, and a yasha goby. I am looking for more fish, but I haven't seen anything I really like so far. Probably gonna look for one or two more fish. Not really sure though. Any suggestions? I'd want something peaceful and won't pick on my corals, but will be out and about so that I can see it.

    So here are some pics:
    Underneath my tank:
    The tank itself:
    [img width=1000 height=396][/img]

    I am really bad with pictures, I have a basic Point and Shoot digital camera. But hopefully you guys get the general idea of what it looks like. I guess I could use some tips on taking pics with more accurate colors. I already use a tripod, but it's mainly the color representation that I have a problem with. Thanks for looking.
  2. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Very nice tank - super clean!. Great rockwork! I love the caves/arches. :D
  3. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Very nice.. I wish my 40G breeder will be like that someday ;D
  4. Jombo

    Jombo Guest

    That first pic was a sucky pic. Here's a better more up to date one!
    Actual tank colors are a little bluer. But it's close enough for now ;D
  5. Elite

    Elite Guest

    dang I thought that a big neon green frog you have.. was going to ask for a frag ;D ..
  6. Jombo

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    Newly Updated Pic, as of 4/10/09
    I need to work on my camera skills:

  7. Elite

    Elite Guest

    man your tank makes my 40G breeder looks bad :( .. I like your rock work.. Very nice..
  8. adolfo425

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    Sweet Tank Brandon.

    It looks like a piece of Art on display and very well planned out.

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