July 08 Financials

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    As you probably know I was out of town for the June meeting. I got the raffle proceeds etc on Sat ans thus the financials are a little late. the financials attached includ bot activity from the last financials Apr 14th through today as well as the YTD numbers.

    One item to note is that both the T-shirt sales and the Swap revenue listed on the financials only essential includes cash received to date and some minor fees associated with them. It will not give a truly accurate picture until the shirts are ordered and the swap is concluded. So unfortunately cash and revenue will look a little overstated (to the tune of about $250) as the overall expectation is that we will break even on both the Swap and T-shirts

    We have 21 new paid members since April 14th!

    As always post questions here or feel free to shoot me a pm.

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