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    As if 12 boxes of corals from last week's cherry picking was not enough, we just unloaded another amazing assortment of fish and corals today! Here's a quick low down on the goodies...

    - Sunset Millipora
    - Sunrize Millipora
    - Acropora Tenuis
    - Ultra Bali Wild Acropora
    - Ultra Yellow Torch Coral
    - Rainbow Stylophora
    - Acan Maxima
    - Yellow Hammer Coral
    - Ultra Echinophyllia Chalice
    - Watermelon Mushroom
    - Ultra Green Trachyphyllia
    - Green Mushroom
    - Blue Pulsing Xenia
    - Six Line Wrasse
    - FLASHING TILEFISH! (Hoplolatilus Chlupatyi)
    - Gold Head Sifter Goby
    - Filament Wrasse
    - Royal Gramma
    - Orange Firefish
    - Purple Firefish
    - Red Spot Cardinalfish
    - Clown Tang (XSM)
    - Hector Goby
    - Yasha Goby
    - Randall Goby
    - Possum Wrasse
    - Candy Basslet
    - Blue Tang (XSM and SM)
    - Mexican Turbo Snail
    - Anemone Shrimp
    - Peppermint Shrimp
    - Cleaner Shrimp
    - Fire Shrimp
    - Sexy Shrimp
    - Rose Anemone

    Pictures coming soon....but, if you're local, you don't want to wait for them. Otherwise, the best pieces could be gone before we may even get to take their pictures!

    See you soon my fellow reef addicts...haha


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