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By Wlachnit on Jun 21, 2018 at 9:48 AM
  1. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    Mike at the Fish Doctor in Pacifica has graciously volunteered to host the July event. This will be held on Saturday, July 14th from 12-2p.

    He is setting up a new coral tank to streamline his coral grow out system. His tutorial will include buffing out the tank, plumbing the system together, and moving corals into the new tank. This will be a hands on tutorial,

    educational and a good team building experience with a goal of conserving corals by way of aquaculture. Mike's goal is that he would like to aquaculture at least 80% of the corals he sells.

    Mike has also proposed a wholesale coral buy for everyone to help fund this project. He would like to get at least 10 people (15 would be great) to commit $100 in advance for the event. What you'll be getting for your money is at least $200 retail of corals (50% discount off my regular prices). In addition, Mike would offer an ongoing 25% discount on corals at his store for 90 days and 25% off any corals ordered from his wholesalers at the event.

    Also, if you have a coral you want to share, bring it, we will frag it and everyone goes home with free coral just like last time.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Wlachnit, Jun 21, 2018.

    1. Jeff Rehling
    2. grizfyrfyter
      This sounds interesting, I don't know if I can commit $100 right now though.
    3. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      I'll pony up, any way to know what corals we would be getting?
    4. fishdoctor
      I will take inventory this weekend and post a list of coral in stock with prices retail and discounted. This discounted offer will include any livestock including fish and inverts.
      If there’s enough interest previous to the event (at least 10 people) I’m happy to also put a group buy together for any livestock not in stock at my cost plus 20%.
      I plan to re-order bergia nudibranch again next week so those are also possibly available at group buy prices, please DM with quantity requests.

      I will also extend the offer to include in stock Hanna checkers, Reagents and ICP test kits at 15% off if you commit at least $100 in advance to purchase of in stock livestock.

      Thanks for your support this one is going to be a lot of fun. Cheers [emoji482]

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    5. tankguy
      Im very hopeful to attend and pony up $100 for the cause. Just gotta check and make sure funds are there
    6. powdertang05
      I am interested but looking for details on corals and really interested in the wholesaler has to offer.
    7. Vhuang168
      I would be interested depending on what is available

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    8. Wlachnit
      Interested as well.
    9. Flagg37
      You can’t afford it. You’re paying for your other toy. :)
    10. fishdoctor
      Quarantined fish in stock as of 6/23/18
      along with current retail pricing.

      Livestock held with payment on a first come first serve basis.

      Ocellaris and b/w clown $89
      PJ Cardinal $39 each x3
      Pink skunk $49 x4
      B/W Snowflake and extreme Misbar $139
      Splendid dottyback $69
      Blood orange Misbar $39
      Gold flake and lightning $179
      Gold dot maroon $49
      B/W Snowflake and Ocellaris $129
      B/W Ocellaris $49
      B/W Snowflake $119
      Ocellaris $29 x2
      Indigo Dottyback $39 x2
      Pair B/W Snowflake $249
      Snowflake clown $99
      Kamohara Blenny $39
      Sunrise dottyback $49
      Ocellaris and gladiator $129
      Blue streak cardinal $29
      Ocellaris pair $69 x3 pairs available
      Lightning maroon $149
      Platinum and Ocellaris $119
      Black Misbar Ocellaris pair $79
      B/W Ocellaris $69
      Bangai cardinals CB $39 x3
      Orange Skunk clowns $49 x3
      Misbar Ocellaris pair $59
      Yellow ‘citrus’ tang LG $139
      Striped Blenny $39
      Porcupine puffer baby 2” $59
      Porcupine XXL 14” $199
      Two bar rabbit 4” $69

      All fish are healthy, eating frozen LRS foods and quarantined for over 90 days and currently in my ‘clean’ holding system.

      A few random shots of the fish...
      Now on to the corals.


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    11. fishdoctor
      Hello and happy Sunday powdertang05
      This deal is for my in stock livestock.
      The wholesale offer is an additional perk if you partake of this offer I will extend that offer to you of cost plus 20% on anything you want wholesale.
      I cannot share the stock lists with you but if you tell me what you want I will tell you if it is available and at what price. Please bring your list of items you would like to find at the wholesaler to the event and we can go over them after the event to see if they’re available and you can make payment for those items at that time.

      As far as what I have in stock for coral stay tuned I’m working on my list and I will post it as soon as I complete it.

      Have a wonderful afternoon.

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    12. Jeff Rehling
      Jeff Rehling
      Is this a go?
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    13. L/B Block
      L/B Block
      Can we still come to the event even if not interested in the wholesale coral buy?

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    14. fishdoctor
      If you want i have.. lol coral list coming soon. Fish, corals in stock are discounted 50% with this offer

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    15. fishdoctor
      Yes please come and bring friends if you want. The discounted fish and coral are an additional offer, no purchase is necessary fr this event but we hope you support the bar club and join if not already a member.

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    16. Apon
      Sorry I can't make this event date. Hope it does well.
    17. daddio
      I may be interested. Did I miss the list of corals?
    18. fishdoctor
      No as always I’m just too busy to get everything done that I want to do. I think the easier thing is going to be just taking some photos of corals to share with the group. I’ll take a few photos and attach to this thread over the weekend. You can also wait and take a look when you come to the event and see if you’re interested in anything before you make a decision as to whether not you want to take advantage of this offer. I was just trying to get the interest list forming so I have an idea how many people might be interested. Of course if you know you want to take advantage of this offer you can feel free to PayPal me in advance at michael@fishdoctor.us
      Have a wonderful weekend looking forward to seeing a good group at the event.

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    19. fishdoctor
      Sorry to hear that I was counting on your moral support. I hope to see you soon.

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