July BOD Minutes

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    Attendees: Jeremy, Bryan, Charles, Richard, Steve, Theresa, Raddogz, SFSU Physics, JAR, Gresham, Tumbleweeds, Eldiablosrt8, Gomer, Gimmito, Matt

    August Members Swap
    Those members who don’t qualify for the swap, but still want to participate, should PM Tuberider.
    The number of frags brought by members may be lower for this swap because of pest problems in some members tanks. The BOD approved $1000 for Jeremy to purchase captive propped corals to pad the swap.
    The board approved an expenditure of $500 to provide lunch for all members that participate in the swap.
    Jeremy will start a help thread soon asking for help at the swap.

    Expense Reimbursement
    The club doesn’t have a credit card to pay for club expenses.. Personal credit cards can be used for approved purchases, which will be reimbursed in a timely manner.

    Meeting Schedule
    Jeremy suggested a change in the meeting schedule that would reduce the number of BOD meetings to four. This was passed by a vote of the BOD.
    The additional general meeting in September will feature Jeremy and Bryan discussing tank pests and their treatment..
    Because there will be additional general meetings, not every meeting will have a raffle.

    Selection Committee
    Jeremy, Bryan, and Charles were appointed to a committee to identify possible candidates for next years BOD.

    BOD Job Descriptions
    The BOD decided that the at-large BOD positions needed further definition and that the present at-large members should write a description of their duties and responsibilities.

    Frag Tank Setup
    A suggestion was made to buy a frag tank setup for events like BAYMAC. The BOD approved the idea, budgeted $1000 for the purchase and Gresham volunteered to write up the specifications for such a setup.
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    Thanks Steve. (though you did miss the part about the $300 budget for Belgium beer at each meeting :p
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    That's part of the frag tank budget.

    Specs call for tank of suitable size and construction to contain $300 of Belgium beer on those occasions when no frag sales are scheduled.

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    Wow! This is awesome!

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