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    Attached are the current financials. These cover the period from March to July which includes raffle revenue from the Arpil and June meetings, and income and expenses from BAYMAC. We have a few outstanding invoices for BAYMAC speakers, D&O insurance, and t-shirts which account for about another $2,000 that are not yet paid and recorded.

    Attached files Balance Sheet Standard.pdf (26.9 KB) Profit and Loss Prev Year Comparison.pdf (29.9 KB)
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    Now that we can afford it I propose a 500 gal teaching and testing tank for the club. It should be completely subsidized and have all the latest and greatest gadgets for group evaluations and assessment. Although it would be a burden I understand the value the tank represents to the club and as a teaching tool for students so I unselfishly offer my house for the project. I truly want to do my part for the club. :)

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    You have to do the water changes though. :D
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    My favourite part was the $1250.49 in glue.... :)
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    Think that is a bit deceiving. Don't think he has booked the offset to COGS yet. Cost of Goods sold for the non-accounant types.

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