K2 making rattling sound

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by phishphood, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    So i just swapped out a k1 for a k3 for a k2 and now it has a slight rattling sound. its the type of sound that some pumps make but doesnt affect performance. my guess is the impellar is a little loose or something? any ideas how to fix it and/or want to trade for a quieter one?
  2. patrickb

    patrickb Supporting Member

    You probably lost the small black ring that stabelizes the impeller shaft (1/2 cm wide). Its really easy to lose when you are cleaning the pumps and causes the pump to make a somewhat rattling/vibrating sound. When I lost mine ring, I called up Korallia and they sent me a new ring for free. Call them up, they had really good customer service.
  3. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    Check also to see also if the flow isn't reversed. I recall that I had a couple that reversed on their own and started rattling. I needed to occasionally manually stop the impeller and get it going the other way to stop the noise.
  4. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    Thanks Bryan, but the prop is definitely rotating the correct way.

    Patrick- thanks for the heads up. I'll check on the pump today.

    Just to clarify- it reminds me of how some of my maxijet pumps are louder and vibrate more than some others.
  5. patrickb

    patrickb Supporting Member

    The black stabilization ring is very small and usually fits snuggly at the bottom of the impeller hole so you might have to shake and rattle the pump pretty hard to see if falls out. You can compare it to a korallia that doesnt rattle.

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