kessil 360we killing my corals??

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Jax925, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    Red sea max 130 34 gal
    kessil 360we mounted 10" above, controller ramping set Max intensity to 35% and 25 color. 10hr schedule.
    All zoas placed in different parts of the tank are getting bleached out, shrinking, or just dying. All placed low.
    All Yumas bleached out, shrank then died. placed low.
    Monte cap bleached out turned all white & dying. placed med tank.
    Softball size green birdsnest turning bone white from the bottom up thru the mid of the body. back corner mid.
    Water is changed 5 gal weekly. Been slowly going over to Fritz, & only RO for top off. LFS salt & RO.
    water parameters good all around. Calcium 450, Alk 9, salt 1.026, ph amm nit nitra all in check.
    Temp 80.
    All my Euphyllia doing great, 2 torch, 1 frogspawn, 2 hammers.
    Euphyllia placed away from all other corals.
    Tank was cycled for a few months then has been stocked now for 4 months.

    Any ideas?
    my guess is the light is too bright? But the intensity & color is set so low.

    Tap in, losing $$$$ need help.
  2. Light is too bright
  3. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    Intensity maxs out at 35%
    suggest I lower to 30% or 25%?
    Would my other corals be affected by the drop? (Euphyllia)
  4. euphyllia loves light but i have never had issues with them light starved whether on sandbed or up top maybe put them up higher if you can
  5. maybe they need more nutrients
  6. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    What are Nitrates / Phosphates / PH?
    You mention "in check" but that does not mean much.

    What fish do you have and do you feed corals?

    That actually sounds like a combination of problems.
    Too much light + too little nutrients, as was said above.
    Also perhaps a water parameter stability problem.
    But yes, with that low setting, it does seem weird to be too much light.

    Your tank is pretty new at 4 months.
  7. Yippee

    Yippee Supporting Member

    I would guess it is a water parameter/stability issue. 35% intensity is probably where you want to start with that light so I doubt it is the light.
  8. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    nit/nitra 0. API test kit nitrate at 25 but Red Sea 0-5. I trust red sea over API.
    Phos .02

    2 clowns, 2 cardinals, 1 flameback angel and 1 12 line wrasse.

    rotate days of food, coral frenzy pellets and rods frozen.
    Whatever the fish don't eat the corals get, I don't spot feed.
  9. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    parameter/stability is pretty much the same when I check every week.
    No spikes in either direction.
    I started at 40% (Per Kessil) for a few months and it seemed like corals were bleaching so I turned down for the past 2 months and seems the same.
  10. if you bleach the corals at 40% then it will take a while for them to recover..
  11. the bleaching is probably from the initial
  12. corals can handle brighter lighting if the flow is amazing
  13. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    My Reeftech Starburst Monti Cap was placed in the tank midway up in direct light after I had already turned the kessil down to 35 and it looked good for about a month then slowly started turning white, I lowered and partially shaded it about 2 weeks ago now its almost all the way white
  14. sounds like they have to acclimate to your leds, maybe they came from a t5 tank or something
  15. i dunno kessils, do kessils have a "acclimate" mode?
  16. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    Maybe I'll work on getting some more flow goin, but it is a small tank, don't want to start a sand storm lol.
  17. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    has your alk swinged lately? when my birdsnest bleached from the center out it was due to an alk swing, not lights. it maeks no sense why lights would cause the coral to bleach inside out, like the lowest light part of the coral bleaches first because of high light doesnt really make sense
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  18. 10 hours is a long time
  19. Jax925

    Jax925 Guest

    Everything has come from a led tanks, usually Kessils.
  20. I would do a 6 - 8 hour light period

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