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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by jacuzzi, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. jacuzzi

    jacuzzi Guest

    So I am going to purchase a kessil light the question is which one. Currently I have a 40 breeder but eventually I will be going to a 50-75 gallon hex or cube tank. Should I purchase the kessil a350w or two kessil 150's?? I keep a mixed reef and currently run two 150 halides with t5's. Thanks all.
  2. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    depends on what you want to keep, but with 2 150's you will get more coverage.
  3. RichieT

    RichieT Guest

    You'll definitely want two lights. Just depends on whether you need the ability to change the color temp (a350) and intensity
  4. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    I would recommend two A360's. They will be much more versitile for future upgrades and will be more on par with metal halides. You can always turn them down a bit for smaller tanks, and ramp them up with a bigger one.

    As for whether to get wide's, or narrow??? Depends on what you like to keep. If you want certain SPS, like acro's, tortes, millipora, etc.......then I suggest the narrow. The wides will do fine with Chalice, Monti's, LPS and softie's.

    I run both the narrows and wides on my system, and don't get as much growth with the narrows. I had one over the frag tank for about 8 months. It will maintain color in SPS, but doesn't seem to get as fast of growth. The frag tank is plumbed into the same system, so I am fairly certain it is due to lighting. It is possible it is simply due to the fact that most of the coral in the frag tank was more recently fragged, however I have had some frags in there for many months with very little growth. Just my experience.
  5. jacuzzi

    jacuzzi Guest

    So I went with the 350 with the possibility to purchase another one in the future. I am currently looking to change from my 40 breeder to a cube preferable acrylic and with a built in wet dry or sump. If anyone has one laying around let me know and I may take it off your hands.
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  6. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Not to hijack, but...

    I'm looking to buy 2 x Kessil A360W-E for my 4 foot 90gal. I've read that some people are using T5 with the Kessils to create a more "ideal" color combination for coral growth. Do the Kessil owners here feel this is required?
  7. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    I would wait and see how the new "E" series looks. I am very curious myself. They are supposed to be more powerful. I personally like the look and color that I get from my kessils. I have the narrows (mostly). I am, however, starting to think that T5's might help you get a more even growth from the coral.
  8. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Thanks for the reply. My dilemma is I have a MH/T5 retro setup that is largely NIB that I would eventually like to sell, if only to recover a fraction of the cost of the Kessils. If it turns out that I need to keep the T5 bits to supplement the Kessils, then maybe I hold off for the "next-gen" or go AI or Radion.

    decisions, decisions...
  9. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    It seems like some shops might let you borrow a couple to see over your tank for a day or two. Might be worth asking.

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  10. revnull

    revnull Guest

    I pulled the trigger yesterday. I figure I'd want the kessils either way. If I find I need to keep my T5s to supplement, no lose.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
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  11. revnull

    revnull Guest

    I'll be controlling my Kessils with a full Apex with built in var-speed ports. Instead of controlling both lights with the master/slave cable, I'm wondering if I should control them separately. My thinking is I will be able to simulate rolling clouds from side to side with alternating ramp profiles. My primary concern is will I end up with different colors/intensity with the same ramp? I assume, like most electronics, each var-speed port has an acceptable tolerance (+/- 0.1 volt for example) based on the quality of parts used in manufacturing. Couple that with any tolerances in the Kessils themselves and I'm left feeling unsure.

    Can anyone using controllable Kessils with an Apex, please chime in and put my concerns to rest?
  12. konkers

    konkers Supporting Member

    I control my two 360s on separate var-speed ports. Because I've been to lazy to set up anything different, I have them on the same ramp schedule. I haven't noticed any disparity between the two.

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  13. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Very cool. My Kessils arrive today. :D
  14. Scarbird

    Scarbird Supporting Member

    I wasn't aware Kessils could be controlled by the apex.
  15. revnull

    revnull Guest

    I think only the A360/A360-E can be controlled. They use the Apex var-speed port's 0-10v ramp control to manage both color temperature and light intensity. For control, Kessil sells a cable that is RJ45 on the Apex side and a stereo jack on the Kessil side.

    At this point, I've literally only had them for 90 minutes, but I'm loving both the light output and control.

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  16. swk

    swk Guest

    Congrats on the new lights. I love the kessils. The shimmer is unreal and they just produce an awesomely natural looking light.

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  17. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    The 360s can be controlled externally by another controller, the 350 can not... at least not with a lot of hacking.
  18. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Thanks for the clarification Mike. I've edited my post to avoid future confusion.
  19. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    Looking forward to pics over the tank. I am curious as to how the E - wide versions are going to look. I am hoping they are brighter with a fuller look on the tank. Congrats on the new toys. ;)

    Do you feel like you are going to want to suppliment them, or are they covering well enough?
  20. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    So going with the Kessils instead of the MH bulbs? I saw the reflectors on top of the canopy.

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