Kessil lighting options

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by jacuzzi, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. revnull

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    Yeah, I'll be putting my MH and maybe T5 setup for sale at some point. After I bought the reflectors from you, I stopped by Neptune Aquatics. Their displays sold me on LEDs. They were even able to show me the Apex control on the mini display at the register.
  2. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Thanks! I'm still not sure what the final lighting setup will look like. These awesome little lights are now making me double think my canopy all together. If my return manifolds weren't so hideous, I wouldn't hesitate in getting the Kessil goosenecks. Even so, they do not look as clean with a rim top tank like mine.
  3. Marc

    Marc Guest

    Any place selling these lights at a good price or are dealers obligated to stay at the same price like the apex controller?

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  4. swk

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    I think pricing is pretty tightly controlled, similar to vortech etc
  5. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Yeah, I was told there is no wiggle room due to MAP pricing. The best you can hope for is negotiating sales tax or waiting for X% off sales.
  6. F6553066

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    You should like the Kessil's. I have three 350 narrows over my 150 gal. aquarium and all the sps seem to be showing good growth including some acros. Robert at Neptune recommends getting the power up to 100 percent for both the white and blue doing it gradually. This will give the most white light for growth and blue for looks. I would call him should you have any questions .
  7. swk

    swk Guest

    When I was light shopping they were my hands down favorite without a doubt. The shimmer is unparalleled IMO and the color is perfect for my eye. I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on lighting for a 40b since I would probably need 2 for full coverage.

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  8. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    So I've got a questions or these. I'm getting ready to set up a new system and my tank is 25"x18"x18". Would I be ok with one of the A360we be adequate?

    I think it should be fine but wanted some verification before making the plunge!

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  9. revnull

    revnull Guest

    The coverage area of the wide model is 24" if I recall correctly. You should be ok with 1.

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