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    Looking at the pictures, you really have a lot. Ouch. Sympathies!
    I notice it looks like you have quite a bit of algae on the sand bed, and non-coraline algae on the glass.
    Given all that, it implies you might have a real nitrate problem.

    I would suggest testing Nitrates carefully, and consider how to reduce them.
    Otherwise, all your efforts removing the bubble algae will be very temporary, which will be very frustrating!
  2. I stopped testing and cleaning cause I'm going to cut out rock and soak rock in fresh water, while its soaking I'm going to clean insider and out of tank and sump. Then put baffles in sump and take tank water from my display tank and put it in the cube and do water change on display tank. Then I'm going to put this in cube...

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  3. Coral reefer

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    Better plan on a lot of flow. That thing is going to impede flow A Lot!
  4. What u mean?

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  5. Here is display tank

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  6. rygh

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    I am guessing you meant that the pvc/grid construction goes in the big rectangular display tank,
    not the smaller cube like display tank?

    Should look good, and have lots of flow under rock work, plus lots of great places for fish to hide.
    But hard to tell until you mount rock to base.
    Looking forward to more pics.
  7. The display tank is done except I want more rock. The cube is going to be my frag tank which is where the frag rack is going. There will be no rock in cube.

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  8. rygh

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    Ahh, it all makes sense now.

    I agree with Mike that flow will be a concern in the frag-cube.
    Especially below the bottom grid.
    I bet crud will accumulate there, and with the grid, will be hard to siphon out.
    But nothing a few power heads cannot fix. Perhaps one pointed down in one corner.
    You might reconsider using pipe instead of vertical grid, for the top tier.
    But rather hard to say for sure without seeing it all together.
  9. Yea that is what I was thinking.. now I need to find a powerhead cheap... wait for dremel part to get here in the mail then I can start cutting coral and rock out of cube.

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  10. Someone asked for pictures, this is how far my son and i got before I got tired...


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  11. Well it was a success even though I lost a few corals that I loved and can't for now get more of, still a success. I cleaned and tried hard to frag everything I could, got tried and said will finish tomorrow. Tomorrow came and i said it can go one more day, I didn't know that my return pump not only did it move water around and turned into a heater. If it was clean water and oh a couple hundred gallons I would have climb into it. Just right temp for a spa. End result is I like my frag tank and because I did save a few corals I will call it a success, besides I did all of it alone (except for frag rack) and for me to do that alone is a success. [​IMG]

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