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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Klems, Dec 21, 2015.

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    It has been officially one year since the initial setup of this reef tank. Kids were so excited about watching the show Tanked, so decided to dive into the shallow end of the pool and snagged this biocube from Petco during black Friday last year. Did a ton of research and watched a bunch or YouTube videos made by ReefThuZ. Did my best to follow his suggestions....but made some of my own tweaks.

    Some mistakes included not testing the saltwater from the store each time before adding it to tge tank...resulted in low alk condition, not testing for magnesium and losing some corals and trying to make my own media basket...used aquarium glue and about a month later it was starting to fall apart :). Ended up getting and intank basket with filter pad on top, small bags of GFO and ROX .8, and a small bag of rubble in the bottom.

    Got 3 TruLumen pro led strips and replaced the PC lights at the 6 month period due to excessive heat....wanted to keep the hood intact.

    Upgraded pump to a sicce 1.0 and have Neotherm heater in the third chamber.

    The wife had been very against the idea if the tank....but after getting the rock flower anemones from the group buy this summer she has changed her tune a bit and now has even suggested a bigger tank! (Best wife ever!!!) However, space / available location is still an issue so I would have to restrict my choices to cube tanks...

    A few pictures from initial setup to present day....
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    first set...

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  3. Klems

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    last set...

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    Looking good so far!
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    The tank looks really good! My only suggestion is to keep an eye on the LPS as they may be able to make contact with your SPS in the future.

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