Lawrence’s 120 Gallon SPS Dominated Reef Aquarium

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  1. Hello! My name is Lawrence and I live in San Francisco. I am currently a college student as an Environmental Science major. I’ve always loved animals, but there’s something fascinating and mysterious about these ancient relics we desperately try to keep alive in our home aquariums. Researching and understanding more about them has only increased my interest in marine biology and reefing. I started this hobby with a 14g biocube I bought from a friend. During my time with that nano cube, I researched endless hours until I was comfortable enough with my own knowledge and ability to start a bigger system focusing mainly on pretty sticks and LPS to fill the lower void of my rockwork. This will be a journal of my aquarium and I will try to update with photos powered by my iPhone 5. Happy reefing and follow along! Comments, questions, criticism all welcome!

    Running for 9 months

    Display Tank: 120g (48in x 24in x 24in), Dual Overflows, Deep Sand Bed

    Display Lighting: Coralife Elite Ballast 2x 250w 20K Metal Halides, 2 PC Actinics, 48” 453nm Blue LED Strip, 48" Magenta/12k White LED Strip

    Sump: 55g Acrylic, Refugium w/ Deep Sand Bed and Macroalgae

    Dosing: KNOP Calcium Reactor and ESV B-ionic 2 Part to tweak

    Water Circulation: 2x Jebao WP40, External Return Pump

    Filtration: SWC 180 Protein Skimmer, GFO Reactor, Filter Socks, GAC

    DIY Auto Top Off

    Eheim Heater

    Vodka Dosing

    Lugol's Solution: 1 drop per day

    Most Recent Aquarium Parameters:
    Salinity: 1.025
    Nitrates: 0.25 ppm
    Phosphates: 0.07 ppm
    Calcium: 480 ppm
    Alkalinity: 9.1
    Temperature: 78 F


    Yellow Tang

    Blue Hippo Tang

    (2) Snowflake Clowns

    Solar Fairy Wrasse

    Pearly Jawfish

    Midas Blenny

    Royal Gramma


    Squareback Anthia (f)

    Spotted Mandarin

    Lots of SPS frags

    Some LPS

    still looking to fill up a lot of space!
    Let me know what you think!

    FTS(I will turn off the blue led strip next time, it drowns the photo):
    image (1).jpeg
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  2. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Cool open scale! Looking forward to watching it grow and mature. Looks like a good start so far!
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  3. Thank you!
    First update!
    Paid my BAR membership and looking forward to learning with yall!
    And I got some new coral! Had to share! :p
    Newbies from my trip to Neptunes:

    Gold Torch:
    image (3).jpeg
    10$ frag (completely orange at the shop, turned sunrise shades under my lights :])
    image (2).jpeg
    Excited for these two caps to colonize into each other across my ravine! Bicolor wall hammer in the back, firefish cam-whoring:
    image (4).jpeg

    Also i was wondering what people thought about my fish bioload. I am going to be sps dominant so do you think my fishstock is overload?
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  4. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Looking good so far!!!
    That is quite a few fish. Keeping good water quality may be an issue when that Hippo Tang gets bigger.
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  5. thanks for the input! which fish do you think i can do without? How many do you think is suitable for my 120?
  6. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Basically I have no idea of an exact count.
    It totally depends on your exact corals, exactly what you feed, and how diligent you are at keeping water quality up.

    My reluctant opinion : The Hippo Tang is probably not a good idea, but without that, you may be ok.
    They are a messy herbivore, and they get pretty big.
    Some would argue a 120G is not big enough to make them happy anyway.

    Take it slow. See what happens to those SPS frags. That will tell you more than I can.
  7. lest we call upon the wrath of the tang police. I agree completely with what you say! I got that blue hippo when he was a tiny 1 inch big and now he is 3inches. I will definitely rehome him when that time comes! Then I gotta deal with the headache of catching him... i think when he reaches 6in, ill give him up.

    So far my sps are all doing ok! encrusting and growing! Color could be better!
  8. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    I'd say fine depending on your water change schedule and gfo use etc...
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  9. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Fish trap with some tasty seaweed will capture that tang easy.
    But no hurry, be a while till he gets big, and may not be an issue anyway.
  10. ok all sounds awesome! i will keep that in mind!
  11. DeeAnnMG

    DeeAnnMG Guest

    Total newbie here, so can't speak to your fish load, but I love your Gold Torch.
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  12. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    This tank is cool. I like the opposing islands with your rockwork. The Monti's are gonna look very cool when they meet, and your fish will love the new hiding place. Nice work.
  13. thanks! means a lot! i am seeing some really nice growth as of late. Hope i can keep it up! just did a 20g water change, i hated it but you convinced me haha..

    I have an led strip coming in the mail! I will post an update with a new fts! Hopefully they make my tank pop even more :].
  14. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Water changes are where it's at!
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  15. I agree completely! i only wish the process could to be easier... somehow.. haha
  16. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    It definitely can be. :)
  17. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    With my upgrade I'll have a drain tube that a siphon can go in that will go straight to a drain downstairs, and a fill hose for new water to be pumped in. From my mixing tank. Won't get much easier than that.
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  18. wow! it really doesn't, youre going to have to show me that when its done! What are you upgrading into?
  19. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    120->225. Come check out the 120 while its still up if you want
  20. Update!

    Got my Magenta/12k White LED strip from marine depot in the mail! I think adding this light has rounded out my spectrum and I am really enjoying a good blend of lighting and colors for my Display! The added white washes out the deep blue hue that I was getting a bit tired of since switching my metal halides to 20k. Corals seem to be ok with the added lighting, but gold torch is still taking some time to get used to it.

    image (5).jpeg
    FTS w/ new lighting:
    image (7).jpeg
    even my jawfish poked out of the bottom right for the photo :]
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