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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by heyitsomid, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. heyitsomid

    heyitsomid Guest

    And the group buy begins!
    Royal Blue Cree XR-E Star
    Cree XR-E Q5 Cool White
    and any others people decide to buy.

    Buck Pucks or MeanWells (meanwells have been hard to come by though)

    Heat Sinks from HeatSinkUSA.com or any other companies people know about.

    Power Supplies. 24v +2amp, most people use the potrans 6.5amp 24v.

    Lets make a goal of October 1st, 2009 to have the order in.
  2. tonggao

    tonggao Guest

    Cool, thanks for organizing the group buy. I am in for 9 Royal blue Cree XR-E to replace the ones that I burnt out while trying to figure out the Meanwell driver, and two Cree CR-E Q5 cool white (I want to build two nano tank fuge lights so I can growth cheato in my nanos' back compartments. I assume these LEDs are mounted on stars and you are buying from ETG?
  3. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Do you guys have price brackets yet for the components?
  4. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Interested but I would need help to choose the components.
    I need a 36" light for a frag tank. I have some 1/2" thick aluminum bars I could mount the LED's on.
  5. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Just be aware that a big thick bar isn't a good heatsink unless you got the surface area :) A large mass just delays it's max temperature. A high surface area is the pathway to get rid of the heat.
  6. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    For the frag light are you looking for supplemental blue? Tong has his royal blues on a bar so they fit in a canopy like a fluorescent bulb would be placed. They are run cool at 700, and my guess without knowing it the hood is vented with a fan so the air is moving around it. He also has them spaced out on the bar more than three inches. He can speak to it better than me. There may be options for using this aluminum beam in your DIY. My guess is you are almost always cool out in the fog belt and that heat in the tank is not an issue for you as it is not for me in Berkeley. On hot days I plug in a room fan aimed at the tank top to increase evaporative cooling. This will move heat away from my light when it is running as well. May add this fan to a thermostat to turn it on and off when I am away at work.

    Tong, what is ETG so I can go look at the products. I will be ordering about twice the lamps I need just listening to how many get zapped in the construction phase. :bigsmile:
  7. dswong01

    dswong01 Supporting Member

    I am interested in building a LEd fixture for my 14 gallon nano and possibly a fuge light.
  8. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Yes, welcome!

    I am considering 8 white and 4 royal blue on one buck puck and 6 royal blue on a second buck puck. For day light and then for actinic. I will add moon lights too but with 4 1w lamps, and separate buck puck. Most of my corals are low light so I am not trying to reach 400w metal halide. The montis are near the top so they will get moved under the whites with the tank looking very blue all the time. Not going built in fan. I have the heat sink from Heatsink USA. Looking for the buck pucks and driver to at some point to use a dimming control if added later.
  9. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    I am looking for the frag tank to be 100% LED.
    I will have no hood. I envisioned hanging the LED "light bar" above the tank.
    My fish tank room has an exhaust fan that turns on at 72 degrees to vent the room.
    I use a fan that blows directly on the tank for evaporation cooling.
    This system keeps the room at or below 72 degrees, evacuates humidity and my aquacontroller keeps the tank between 77 an 78 degrees by controlling the fan. My heaters almost never turn on.
  10. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    buckpucks (luxdrive) can handle up to 32V DC input. The buckpuck needs 2 of those volts to operate, so you have ~30 remaining. Each LED will cause a ~3.5V drop so you can only put 8 LEDs in series per puck (assuming typical highpowered LEDs).

    ...unless you are running a different buckpuck with a higher VinDC
  11. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    I must be mixing the meanwell up with the buck puck. LPC 35-700 will handle 12 LED's? Thanks Tony.
  12. tonggao

    tonggao Guest

    Richard, the company name is ETG Tech, and both group buys on nano-reef were from this company (http://www.etgtech.com/). They have pretty good price and use top bin LEDs (Q5 and D315), and I have not had a single bad LED out of the 76 LEDs I boguht so far. They have a minimum purchase price of $100, and shipping is only $7 and ship really fast (at least for me last time). Ask for Anna Lopez, and she will take care of you.
  13. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Inquire about the XP-G and XP-E. Q5's are great but you can currently get up to R4s with the XP-G. They aren't much more for a fair bit more light. Cutter has the R4 XP-G at $5.61 (before any discount) and the XR-E Q5's for about as much (they are now out of stock on them, but the Q3s are $5.33
  14. heyitsomid

    heyitsomid Guest

    The ETG website confuses me. Do they have a catalog and online purchase or is it a call in order? Do they have buck pucks or only LEDs? and whose cutter?
  15. tonggao

    tonggao Guest

    For ETG Tech, you need to call in and ask for Anna Lopez, I never bothered to check their web page except phone number. They sell LEDs and LED optics (various degreed lens, which you guys probably want to buy if you are using the LED on tanks more than 18" deep). I don't think they sell buck puck or drivers.

    Here is the web page for cutter: http://www.cutter.com.au/. Since they are in Australia, i never tried to cell them, but their web page certainly confused the heck out of me. Last time i checked, their XP-G has not come out yet, does not seem to be mounted, and the price does not seem to match what Tony mentioned above. So maybe Tony might be looking at a different page. One thing you probably want to do is to buy mounted LED, as surface mount of these tiny LEDs can be very challenging and costly.
  16. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Site is easy :)


    click on products and you end up here

    click on Cree LEDs and you end up here

    click on XP-G and you end up here

    They have 3 bins if you select the drop down box (R3,R3,R4).
    base price is $5.17.
    The second R3 is +0.24 (likely a more desirable bin for single emitter users..not us)
    the R4 is +0.48

    Then you can select which engine you want. An engine is another term for the "board". It isn't terribly clear with the listing here (the XR-E's are extremely clear) without checking this out: http://www.cutter.com.au/proddetail.php?prod=cut937
  17. heyitsomid

    heyitsomid Guest

    Here are the prices straight from ETG's source, Ms Anna Lopez:

    Hi Omid,

    I am so sorry your first email (below) was in my spam for some reason…

    The cost for 150 PIECES of each WHITE and BLUE XRE series is $5.75ea

    If its 150 total combined WHITE and BLUE then the price is $5.85ea

    The price for 200-300 combined WHITE and BLUE XRE the price is $5.60

    The price for 200-300 each XRE the price is $5.35ea

    The XPG is new so we don’t have that many in stock at this time, the lead-time would be 2-3 weeks

    The lenses are $1.00 ea for 1-100, $.95ea for 101-150, 151-200 is $.85 and 201 to 500 is $.75ea
  18. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Awesome. Did they tell you what XRE white bins these are (they won't specify color...likely...but should flux)
  19. heyitsomid

    heyitsomid Guest

    That was the email she sent. I specified that I wanted the cool white and royal blues but that was for all three LED types. If you think it makes a difference I'll email them back. What exactly is the definition of a bin?
  20. tonggao

    tonggao Guest

    From my past experience buying from them, I always get Q5 for cool white and D315 for royal blue, which are top bins. Probably a good idea to check with them.

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