LED Refugium light needed

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Mikez, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Mikez

    Mikez Guest

    I'm looking for a LED light for a refugium. It's a hang on back so I want it to look good so a simple par38 with a cheap looking clamp fixture won't do.

    Any recommendations?

    I'd like a non-par38 but if there is a good gooseneck fixture for a par38/30 I'd be open to it though.

  2. Tenny

    Tenny Supporting Member

    I went with a par38 for my new tank and just mounted a socket on the top.

    Previously I had a rapidled moonlight fixture with cool/warm LEDs. It worked but didn't grow as well as I hoped. [​IMG]

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  3. gimmito

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  4. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    I have one of these beamworks lights. I didn't submerge it, just used the suction cups to mount it to the side of the sump above the waterline. It's cheap and thin and waterproof. There isn't much spread, but that would probably work out perfectly for a HOB refugium. It comes in an all white version which should be better for growing macros.

  5. Mikez

    Mikez Guest

    Thanks all I found a used nano glo I'm going to use

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  6. magnetar68

    magnetar68 Guest

    BTW, I have a $40 daylight LED spotlight from home depot and it works fine -- grows a lot of chaeto (I think 11W).
  7. Raymond07

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