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Discussion in 'Diablo Corals' started by eldiablosrt8, May 19, 2013.

  1. eldiablosrt8

    eldiablosrt8 Sponsor

    Most of you have been to my shop and have done buisness with us here or there. What we want is some feedback on our service and our corals/fish. With our 2 year anniversary approaching we want some feed back good or bad. We want to be the best shop in our area and we cant do that without proper feedback. We appreciate it all and be serious please if there is something ive done and you dont want to blast me too bad here just shoot me a pm and we will respond.

    BTW our fish system is getting more mature so our fish quality and quantity will improve so if that is a gripe i am already working on that.

    We appreciate the support!!

  2. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    I will say Jess that I like your store very much. One thing that I would like ( and I know I'm the minority here ) is that Id like to see a selection of hard to come by corals , mainly sps. Even if its just a decent size frag tank. I'm sure there a few others out there like me. Your store is very clean , well organized and you are very friendly to deal with. I know you just got a fish system up and running which I think is great also. Not sure what else I can say. I wish I lived closer to you
  3. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    I always give you my honest feedback on Facebook so I'll continue to do that. ;)

    I haven't been to your shop for a while so a visit is certainly due. It's just a matter of finding the time to. :)
  4. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    My personal favorite thing about your shop is that you have such a nice selection of zoas and palys. A lot of local places don't sell too many of the "name brand" zoas, but I like that you have a lot of the really nice ones! Keep getting new colorful zoas and I'll keep coming back.

    In general your store is well organized and clean and you've got good prices! I think the new fish system is great and my 2 neon gobies are doing absolutely wonderful now that they're recovered from ich. They've already grown a lot and are even eating flake food for me.
  5. Piper

    Piper Guppy

    Your attack dogs scare me every time I go in there. It would also be nice to have free beverages and snacks available for the regulars. You can also fill in the empty walls with more tanks and/or better display your dry goods. Maybe a "menu" of available bulk items (carbon, GFO, Ca, Alk, etc.) on the wall would be helpful for those that are not aware that you carry those items.

    Other than that I think you're all set!

  6. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Yeah, a menu would be pretty awesome. Half the time, people don't know what else you sell unless there's a sign that says what you have!
  7. eldiablosrt8

    eldiablosrt8 Sponsor

    If i posted everything i sold her ei would have to get a different license
  8. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Do what your comfortable with Jess.
  9. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I know this is a month old but I'll put in my 2 cents anyways.

    While i haven't been to your store, just a little far out of my range (I don't get to the east bay very often unless I'm driving right through it), these are a few things that tend to put me off with LFS in general

    1- Lack of lack pricing on fish/corals. Nothing I hate worse than having to ask how much everything is in the store, it's one thing if you're on close terms with who's working there but if you're not it is a huge hassle to have to ask prices on everything. The largest LFS owner excuse I hear with this is something along the lines of so much product comes and goes there's no way to keep everything marked, well that sounds like a lazy excuse. No one is asking for a price tag on every frag plug but at least have things somewhat ordered that perhaps you can have "25-50 frags in this tank" to at least get a bit of in idea, you can have some choice/cherry pieces perhaps "ask me" price but the vast majority of stuff should have some indication of pricing. Unfortunately a vast majority of LFS that have been BAR sponsors/friends over the years do exactly this all the way back to the days of Tropical Paradise, and I was friendly with a good number of those store owners/workers but my spending in the store was a direct reflection of this mentality. Oh and I bust my wife's balls too when she doesn't put signs up when she works the farmer's markets :D If anything someone asking you a question about how much something costs (when it could easily be answered with a sign) is that customer taking time away from you helping another customer is my attitude even though a farmer's market tends to be way busier than a LFS.

    2- Accurate signage! We're not all fish/coral experts. If you have a sign that says "Yellow Tang $29.95" on a tank, and there's a bunch of blue fish in the tank doesn't exactly look good on your ability to ID fish (even if it was an oversight), think about what if the fish didn't have a "descriptive" name. Want people to make informed decisions about their fish? Start with making sure they know what fish they possible are getting!

    3- Customer service, offer help but don't be pushy/shadow. Think of it like Best Buy or similar stores, you want someone to acknowledge you're there and see if you need help when you enter the store, now if you're just browsing you'd like some time to do so without feeling like you're being watched like a hawk or followed around. However when you do need questions answered the employee should be easy to track down. Also don't go the opposite direction of the Home Depot employee where it's impossible to find someone to help you because they're wandering all about the store. Start with a greeting, and offer of help, and where you'll be if they decline your initial offer.

    But as was mentioned, it's your store you run it how you want :)
  10. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Your store is a bit far for me, but I really did want to do business with a good sponsor,
    so I went online to see if I could order something and what was up.

    Well ... I think you need some work there.
    Your diablocorals.com/shop is minimal, seems neglected, and corals are "sold out."
    You have tons of really great pictures of your coral ... but they are on facebook.
    Sure, facebook albums are handy, but you have to log in to see them and it just seems amateur.
    People may think twice about bothering to go to your shop.

    My suggestion (feel free to totally ignore):
    You have lots of great pictures. Present them better!
    Organize LPS/SPS/New arrivals, in nice albums on your own site.
    Some pictures of your store would be nice as well.
    As far as the online shop, suggest either take it seriously or ditch it.
    It would be fun to see a "pick up coral at BAR meeting" shipping option though. :)
  11. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Sound general business advice from both Mike and Mark.

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