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Discussion in 'Resources' started by yellojello, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. yellojello

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    Looking to replace my bearings on my Masterflex pump head. Have no idea what to get, and have this shop near me: https://www.applied.com/categories/bearings/ball-bearings/c/84

    Anyone know which I should get, or just any whatever is the exact same size as the old ones? Price ranges from cheap to uber expensive. Thanks.
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  3. Gablami

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    Call masterflex. Seriously, they have awesome customer service.

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  4. yellojello

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    He did list bearing information, but for the motor, and not the head. I guess it should be similar though. The pump heads probably vary in bearing type and size between models too I assume.

    Motor bearings from rc thread.
    - Front Bearing, 608 Double Sealed
    - Rear Bearing, R6 Double Sealed

    Actually looked on my bearing, and it shows "R8L8". So I guess it is R8 size, but no idea what L8 is. I'll assume it should be double sealed, so R8-2RS is what I should find. I think the previous owner had some tubing splits, never washed off the salt water, and rusted the bearings.

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