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  1. GabeB

    GabeB Supporting Member

    Hi I am looking for a RBTA. Preferably an ultra or one with some really nice colorations, however I am open to anything so let me know what you got. I am in the South Bay. Thanks!
  2. Randy moss

    Randy moss Supporting Member

    I have one I want to part with. I just caught him roaming around. Not an ultra but looks good. About 4in. Around. Not a very good pic
    I'm located in Oakley so might be a little far.

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  3. GabeB

    GabeB Supporting Member

    Appreciate the offer but Oakley is little bit too far, if I was to go that far I'd probably want some nicer colorations. Thanks though and good luck selling it.
  4. GabeB

    GabeB Supporting Member

    Still looking for one
  5. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Well if you dont find one by the time the swap rolls around I may be dumping a bunch into the swap. Probably not ultra because I dont know what that means and these came from way back in the day when RBTAs just came onto the scene so we were happy to have red as a color and didnt care about other colors.
  6. OnTheReef

    OnTheReef Guest


    I have a number of Rose and Rainbow bubble tip anemones that have split recently that I'd be happy to share. I'm on Brokaw Rd, just off of 880 in the south bay, so we should be able to get together fairly easily.

  7. GabeB

    GabeB Supporting Member

    Thanks so much! PM sent
  8. OnTheReef

    OnTheReef Guest

    Ok, here’s what I have. I’d be happy to give away one of the RBTA babies. If you’d like one of the larger specimens that I’ve been growing out for awhile, I would like something for it, pretty please. I turned the lights back on for these pics, so everything is going to be larger with the lights on for a few hours.

    8” Rose bubble tip. Probably 6 months of growout.

    5” Rainbow bubble tip. Split about 3 months back. It just moved to the overflow today.

    3 baby RBTAs, front view

    3 baby RBTAs, different view

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