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  1. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    For me I was on the fence between Kessil, Hydra's, & Radions....and what drove me to Kessil was a few factors:

    1) They have their own manufacturing plant for their LED & lens
    2) They were controllable with my Apex
    3) They were easy to control....what I mean by this is with Radions & even Hydras they had so many different light channels that I thought it would be too confusing to dial what I want in....in hind sight that is a big plus factor to get the Radions or Hydras
    4) After talking to Neptune Aquatics the convinced me that Kessil was the way to go...
    5) Awesome customer service & warranty support
  2. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    I think neither will be enough esp if you have coral spread out thorough the tank.
    I got a broken AI Sol Blue as part of a tank package I bought used. Ordered the Hydra 52 upgrade and will be using that for my 40g that is 32" long. But ultimately, I would want 2 hydra 26s hung cross wise if I were to really get into sps.
    I think the Hydra 52 will give you more spread than a single 360we. The Hydra 52 will also give you more control ability but remember you have to either separately purchase the controller or get the director to use the AI lights. The Kessil is essentially a stand alone light with the option to control if you also purchase the controller.

  3. 650-IS350

    650-IS350 Supporting Member

    From the pictures, the 2 Kessils looks to be giving you the best coverage, in a cube like mine its ok but on a 36" rectangle you would need 2. If it was me and I wanted to stick with Kessils and A360's, I'd use 2 of them for best coverage.
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  4. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    It looks like two AI Prime's would give you all the spread that you need and are by far your cheapest option, and come with a controller and wi-fi built in to boot.
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  5. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    And you can link them together and do sunrise/sunset or have different zones of lighting! If you find you need more, can always add another. Only downside is the mount is a hit or miss, some work fine but others seem to have issues with it drooping.
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  6. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    Just saw some videos on the Prime and I'm impressed. For sure its better than the A160WEs ;) (and cheaper & controllable standalone). I wish they simply had a small ring over the fan to hang! Its $40 to even hang, lol

    With just 13 LEDs each do you guys think this is powerful enough to keep some SPS? I mean 2 fixtures is just 26 LEDs which is as good as a single AI Hydra 26? Also Its my assumption it has good shimmer since its a single puck?
  7. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    The number of LEDs may be the same as the Hydra 26 but because you can spread them a little further, I think that will help cover the tank better. But I think you will need 3 if you really want a good even spread of light.

    The plus side is you can easily add another Prime later on as your need arises. The Hydra 26 comes with a pair of pucks so you can only add another pair of pucks.

    But 2 Primes now - $400, 1 Hydra 26 now - $300

    + 1 Prime later - $200, +1 Hydra 26 later - $300

    Works out to be the same price in the long run, you do get more light with 2 Hydra 26s but I don't know if 1 will be enough for you right now (assuming you won't be buying 2 26s right now).
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  8. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    Very good thinking! :)

    Is it fair to assume that 2 Primes (2x50w) will be powerful than a single Kessil (90w)?
  9. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    You will get more spread but with out actually measuring it, it's hard to say.

    I think it would be safe to say you get more light (meaning spread) with the 2 primes but more intensity (meaning power) with the Kessil.

    So I guess the other way to see it is you can have the primes lower and get the spread n par you need vs having a single Kessil where you would have to raise it to get the spread but will lower the par.

    So I guess it kinda works out power/spread wise, just depends on if you like a higher light or lower hanging ones.

    Mind you this is all conjecture on my part. Still have yet to start my tank but I HAVE been doing a lot of research n lurking in forums! :)
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  10. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    Yes. The way the LED's are arranged on the AI Prime is more efficient than the way the boards are arranged inside the Kessil's. My 20 gallon tank has a single AI Hydra (old 26 style) on it and it runs around 40% intensity and I can grow SPS on the sandbed. I run everything really blue, but there is plenty of power to spare.
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  11. RavenSF

    RavenSF Supporting Member

    It may be overkill but I have two Hydra 52s on my 36" 65g. I like the AIs, but seeing the Kessil A700 I would go with that if I were to replace them.

    The Hydra 52 should give more coverage I would think over 1 360we.
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  12. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    I think one Radion pro with wide angle lense will do.
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  13. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Nav, have you made a decision yet?
  14. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    No, you won't believe how lost I am! I've been reading a lot on lights and the more I read the more hard to decide.

    Between shimmer, spread, power and mainly cost... Wuh!
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  15. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    What's in my mind are

    1 Hydra 52
    1 or 2 Kessil A360WE
    1 Radion
    2 160WE
    2 AI Prime
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  16. wpeterson

    wpeterson Webmaster

    Go with two Kessils. You can find them used for a good deal. I think I paid about $500 for the three A350s I have (one new on sale, two used).
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  17. RavenSF

    RavenSF Supporting Member

    Check eBay sometimes you can find new Kessils for cheape.
  18. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    It will be a while before I'm ready for lights on my tank.

    You are welcome to borrow it (Hydra 52) to see coverage. I imagine you can cover up 2 lights to give you an idea of the Hydra 26 or cover 3 to see how a Prime might look like. Maybe cover the center 2 to see roughly how 2 Primes look.

    I think as long as you don't leave them on covered for longer than a few minutes it should be ok.

    I'm waiting on a used Director to get here (should be Friday) but I do have the standard controller. It is very finicky and clunky to use.

    Let me know if you wanna give it a shot.
  19. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    FYI, there are a pair of AI Vega Colors with controller asking $500 on r2r.

    Pretty good deal and you can slowly upgrade to Hydra 52s 1 at a time for $299 each.

    If they weren't silver/white I would have snapped them up.
  20. Hondo

    Hondo Guest


    Just buy a kessil with the spectral controller and be done with it.

    That is what I have and I love it.

    Once you commit don't look back and quit second guessing yourself.
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