Lighting schedule for your tank, What do you do, and why?

Discussion in 'Propagation' started by Roc, Jan 26, 2009.

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    [quote author=sfsuphysics link=topic=6076.msg76995#msg76995 date=1233006164]
    I wonder if the lack of darkness will have any adverse impacts on that though Matt.


    Well, it does get at least 5 hours of darkness (6:30-11:30). I mean, the sun is just about to set now and it's pretty dark in the room already and it's never "bright" in there. I'll know more when I review it in a month, but it is a good thought and a concern I had.
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    Aug 12, 2008
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    Hrm, I've always modified my lighting to match the lighting outside +1 hour assuming these corals get a bit more light closer to the equator. I have no idea if that does anything beneficial but I figure maybe my tank will match the tides and stuff. Sounds crazy, I know.
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    My lighting usually runs:

    6pm on...
    PC lighting, double 50/50 2x24watts
    12am off...
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    In the past...(This tanks down now) I was not home until the evenings, so my lights came on approx 1 hour before I get home.
    And Im sort of a Night Owl too..

    ON - 6pm MH20k 175 X2
    OFF - Midnight MH20k 175 X2

    But New systems different, as Im going to be running T5's Only
    AND its going to go off at 10pm, as thats when the Location it is is closing.
    But Im still sticking with 6 hours

    Does anyone see improvement having the lights "stage in" as oppose to a "all on" type situation?
    With the MH I did have some "fade in" but abrupt off.
    T5's are instant on, so i was a tad concerned
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    The only thing IMO that staging helps is shock to fish. My theory, as well as many others is the instant on creates the "thought" in the fish a predator just passed by making them go into flight mode.

    Don't believe me, try it with out your tank lids on at the store :lol: I had to be shown while in wholesale so I didn't kill mass fish :D
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