List Of Dry Goods, Food, and Supplies We have In Stock ( 99.9% Of The Time,LOL)

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    Reef Nutrition

    - Oyster Feast

    - Mysis Feast

    - Phyto Feast

    - Artic Pods

    - Roti Feast

    - Macro Feast

    - Tigger Pods


    - TDO EP-1

    - TDO EP-2

    - Otohime C-1

    - Otohime C-2

    - Otohime b-2

    H20 Frozen Foods

    - Reef Caviar

    - Mini Mysis

    - 50/50

    - Brine Shrimp

    - Cyclopeeze

    - Coral Food

    - Marine Fuzion

    - Spirluna

    - Rotifers

    - Silversides

    - Oyster half shell

    - Muscle half shell

    - Oyster Eggs

    Rods Food

    - Original Blend 2oz/6oz

    - Fish Eggs 2oz

    - Coral Blend 2oz

    Misc Other Frozen

    - PE Mysis frozen flats

    - Nutramar Ova Fish Food

    - PE Mysis/Cyclop-eese 2 pack

    - Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef

    - San Fran Bay Company Silversides

    Salt Buckets And Others

    - Aquavitro Salinity 120g/225g

    - Reef Crystals 160g

    - Instant Ocean 160g

    - Seachem Reef Salt 160g

    - Microbe-lift 50g/ 200g

    - ESV B-Ionic 200g

    - Red Sea Pro 175g

    And Of Course All The Misc Stuff ( This Supply Is Constantly Changing)

    - BSI IC-Gel

    - ESV B-Ionic 2 part 32oz/1gallon

    - Kessil A350/A350w

    - Kessil A350 Goosenecks

    - Kessil A150 ( sky blue, ocean blue, deep ocean blue) Dropped shippped Now

    - Kessil A150 Gossenecks Dropped shippped Now

    - Hydor Koralia 1400

    - Spectrum Pellets

    - Fauna Marin LPS Pellets

    - Fauna Marin Zoa/Paly/Ric Food

    - Par 30 LED Refugium Bulbs

    - All Red Sea Pro Test Kits

    - Red Sea Pro Refill Kits

    - Coral RX

    - Revive Coral Dip

    - Lugols

    - 5 gallon water jugs

    - Natural Sea Water

    - RO/DI Water

    This is just a small list of everything in house, We hope to be increasing this selection as well as our fish and CUC selection over the next 2 months. We appreciate the support and without it we couldnt keep expanding and supplying you guys/gals with everything you need.
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    You have a nice food selection there!
    How are the Rod's fish eggs? Fill me in.
  3. eldiablosrt8

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    i like them for smaller fish or finicky eaters

    heres what Rod said to me once in an email about them..

    "They are a good product that is high in omegas and other fatty acids. And they are very tasty. I can’t really say a whole lot more. If we try to over market them, we are afraid that fish will become spoiled and if fed too often, the fish will refuse other foods.

    Rod Buehler"
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    Very helpful, Jess! Didn't even realize you carried all these items, and good to know that you've regularly got Otohime in stock in case I run out of TDO.

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