Litermeter: Anyone use it for auto-water changes?

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by bljohnson, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. bljohnson

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    Just as the topic says... anyone using it for auto changes? I had a few questions on how it works... does it remove and add water at the same time? Or could you program it to remove like 30 gal then add 30 gal? How fast does this thing pump? How fast does the peristaltic tubing wear out?

  2. dswong01

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    PM Tongao He use one to do automatic water changes
  3. tonggao

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    I have used 3 littlermeter III (two pumps for water change, and one for top off) for more than one years, and am overall happy with the results. Each pump can be calibrated, and have a adjustablel maximum rate of 300ml/m. Each pump will turn on 150 times a day with different intervals depending on the rate you dialed, and the pumps on the same controller will take turns to turn on (not at the same time). So you can not first remove 30G, then add 30G. The water change done this way is very similiar to continuous water change (people actually call it continuous water change even though it is not strictly). If you want to pump 30G out in one shot, you definitely do not want to use Littermeter. The nice thing about using Littlermeter is that the continous water change completely automate water change, and cause no chemistry and temperature swing. It need some small amount of adjustment from time to time once you get the feeling of it.
  4. bljohnson

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    So continuous is water coming in AND out at the same time?
  5. tonggao

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    Every pump got turned on 150 time a day, NOT at the same time, but in turns. In other words, the first pump turn on and off, wait some time, the second pump turns on and off, wait some time, and the third pump turn on and off, wait some time, and the cycle repeat 150 time a day.
  6. kinetic

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    Sorry to pull the thread out of the grave, but better this way than posting a new thread without searching =)

    So you bought a LM3, and two water change modules? Other than that, I'm guessing you always need to maintain a resevoir somewhere in the house that has premixed saltwater. Along with that, the premixed water needs to be mixed to maintain consistency of the dissolved solids?

    The first pump is to draw water into the tank (clean sw), and the other to remove water? That second pump is just piped to some drain somewhere, kind of like a RO/DI system is?


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