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    So clownbaby (the name of my clown trigger) needs lots of feedings. I feed him once in the morning, frozen shrimp or clam soaked in selcon and then a couple more feedings after work of the same. What do you think of stocking the tank with a dozen or so marine glass shrimp so he can snack between feedings? Would the shrimp do OK until they are eaten, any problems with putting them in a reef tank? Are there any local sources for these types of live shrimp? Is there another type of cheap, tank raised, live food I could use instead of shore shrimp? Is this even a good idea?

    I found this source online but would rather forgo the shipping charges if possible.
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    Common Shore Shrimp AKA Palaemonetes vulgaris (marine - also known as white shrimp or common prawn) is not the same as Ghost/Glass shrimp (Palaemonetes spp) (IIRC Ghost/Grass are FW & breed in brackish water?) but oddly are known as a grass shrimp at times. God I hate common names!@

    Ghost/Grass are used as bait, find a bait store near you. Or search the forum here as this has been brought up several times in the past.

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