Lots of new corals and fish arrived this week!

Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Jun 19, 2012.

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    We got in two shipments of corals this week! and a lot of really nice fishes!

    - Octopus Coral (Euphyllia Divisa)
    - Over 30 new pieces of SPS!
    - Ultra Chalice
    - Blastomussa Wellsi
    - Red Goniopora
    - Green Goniopora
    - Ultra Symphyllia
    - Trachyphyllia Radiata
    - Acanthastrea Echnino
    - Bali Wild SPS Colonies
    - Aussie Blastomussa Wellsi
    - Aussie Duncan
    - Aussie Ultra Bleeding Apple Scoly
    - Aussie Gold Torch
    - Aussie Cynarina
    - Lots of Metallic Green Torch
    - Lots Metallic Green Wall Hammer
    - Lots Metallic Candy Cane
    - Mexican Turbo Snail
    - Lots of Rose Bubble Anemone
    - Lots of Green Bubble Anemone
    - Bali True Percula! (These always goes super fast)
    - Blue Spot Jawfish
    - Midnite Black Dwarf Angelfish (jet black!)
    - Yellow Coris Wrasse
    - Cinnamon Clownfish (super bright!)
    - Maroon Clown (super bright!)
    - Rabbitfish (small)
    - Yellow Gumdrop Goby
    - Powder Blue Tang (4X small ones)
    - Purple Firefish
    - Yellow watchman Goby
    - Hi Fin Tangora Goby
    - Antenna Goby
    - Bali Percs (handpicked from a batch of over 100s!)
    - Yasha Goby
    - Hector Goby
    - Neon Goby (only one available)
    - Black Comb Tooth Blenny
    - Brown Sea Hares

    Whheewww...that is a lot of stuff! Come on in and check us out again.

    BTW....our new 48"x48" rimless glass frag tank arrived! We are setting up this tank for our super collectible corals. Nothing but the most premo stuff will be in here for you ballers...hehe.

    Pictures coming soon.....

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