Low Profile Overflows: Eshopps Eclipse, Synergy Reef, ...?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by wpeterson, May 10, 2016.

  1. wpeterson

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    I've purchased a nice 40 breeder tank and I'm planning to drill it for a low profile overflow in a Herbie drain setup (2x 1" drains, 1x 1" return).

    Has anyone had experience with the original Ghost overflows, the synergy reef overflows, or the new Eshopps Eclipse overflows? They all seem to have similar build quality but drastic price differences.

    I'm inclined to try out the Eshopps Eclipse medium (8" weir, 2x 1" drains, 1.5" bulkhead):

  2. sfsuphysics

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    The Synergy and Ghost are essentially the same thing, and their largest difference (IMO) is that they have a magnetically attached, that may or may not be something that you would like, it would make cleaning the overflow teeth easier if you can't access them from the top, although with a 40g breeder that shouldn't be an issue. There could be some build qualities too but to be honest it's acrylic, you really have to screw up to make worth the extra money IMO. Also search on ebay "Low profile overflow" there's a guy (Modular Marine) who also makes these things and he's actually got a few tricks too (sloped teeth on the inside of the overflow box so supposedly water goes in quieter), they look to be about the same price as Eshopps, but there are more options and there are lots of have been pleased with the work too in the same boat of it's way cheaper than the ghost/Synergy version (just no magnetically attached teeth grate).

    That said, I would go with the larger size for two reasons, 1) the teeth are effectively halving the overflow size and 2) the larger one (if you go with Eshopps) has 3 drains, so it gives more options for drains.

    I have actually looked at these, but then realized that any tank with a eurobrace these are fairly worthless and you would need to go to the Synergy/Reef Savvy version because you absolutely would need to remove the teeth... and even then it'd be a pain if anything got caught inside the box.
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    Thanks, this is really good advice. I think a full bean animal with 3x drains is overkill for a 40breeder and will be more hassle to plumb into the sump, so I'm shooting for 2x1" drains for a simpler Herbie (which worked great on our 90gal). I may have to mix/match a larger overflow box with the same drain backend to get what I want. I would think a single 1.5" bulkhead could handle 16" of weir vs. the 8" they are providing in the "Medium" kit.

    I am perusing other stuff that "modular marine" makes and I may end up going with one of his DIY sump kits.
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