Lowe's Kid's Workshop Build and Grow

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    Can’t see pic

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  2. Got a bunch of these, extras. Free for Supporting Members' Kids.

    P.S. Any spare LPS or Softy corals to fill up the 100 would be appreciated, but not necessary!
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  3. nothing shows?
  4. yellojello

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    Are the workshops still going on, or were they discontinued?
  5. They were discontinued as far as I know. The Saturday workshops were free. My kids loved them so much I bought a box full of the last season's workshop stuff on ebay. There were a lot of duplicate packages. All brand new, unopened with matching stickers and patches and what not.
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    nice, I tried to sign up for those workshops but they are always fully booked lol
  7. Let me know if you want Avengers themed stuff, small herb pot, or bird feeder, or monster truck!

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