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    Hi All,

    I have a used reef octopus reactor with 7x7 footprint.
    New is $200 and I would like to trade it for few corals. Preferably easy colorful ones.

    Please let me know what you have and we can exchange.


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  2. Sam -- you looking for SPS, LPS or softies? Anything in particular. What else do you have in your tank. I could use a reactor if I have stuff you might want.
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  3. SamHa

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    Hi Bruce,
    I mostly have LPS and Softies and for now I think SPS is too difficult for me.
    I have green/purple mashroom, frogspawn, xenia, GSP, Few types of Zoas, ...
    My coral are mostly greenish, I like to add more colors to that. Something like Acan, Favia, chalice , .... Anything colorful basically other than green :p
    Please let me know what LPS/Softies you have.
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  4. PM sent
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  5. SamHa

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    Still Available Guys!
  6. SamHa

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