MACNA 2016 : Who is Going?

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by OnTheReef, Jul 26, 2016.

By OnTheReef on Jul 26, 2016 at 7:38 PM
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    I am planning to attend MACNA 2016, who all is going?
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by OnTheReef, Jul 26, 2016.

    1. Ashalye
      Anyone here that wants to go to the Friday night reception, but doesn't have tickets? Matt and I aren't going to use our dinner and drink tickets.
    2. Apon
      Mike - i got 2 queen beds if you still need a room. call/txt me 415 971 4253.
    3. Apon
      Ashalye and Matt - we might go to Birch aquarium sat morning around 9:30am or so. If you interested in coming txt me. phone number in above msg
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    4. sfsuphysics
      Hilarious story involving The LA Fishguy, just putting this here to remind me when I have time to recap later :)
    5. Flagg37
      What s been the best part so far? I need some updates here.
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    6. Newjack
      yeah, sneek in a camera and snap some pics for us unlucky reefers
    7. Ashalye
      Hey, anyone at MACNA want to meet up and take a BAR photo tomorrow? (Sunday)
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    8. Ashalye
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    9. Ashalye
    10. Apon
    11. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Damn you no high speed rail option! Can't believe I am not there. Life is a non complying bastard sometimes!
    12. jonmos75
      That would be cool but would need the members to stop by the Neptune Booth so I can be in the picture;)
    13. sfsuphysics
      So anyways Arnold and I were walking through the smaller room me wearing the old green BAR shirt and this one exhibit that was selling tanks and i heard a very distinctive voiceand bam it's the LA Fishguy, if you've seen his videos you'd know his voice is easy to pick out, so I say hi and someone else recognizes him asks me to take a picture with him ten starts talking to him, oh ok I'll move on then he says to me "I want to talk to you in a second" and I'm like, ok awesome... hey he felt we got cut off and so we can finish (start?) a conversation.

      So he asks me "are you bay area reefer or part of some group?" I tell him it is a club in San Francisco, so he goes on to say "because some user named bay area reefer said some not so nice things in the comments, which I deleted and banned".... so here he is wanting to get redemption against an anonymous internet troll he thinks he meets (i.e. me) and is ready to lay into, I mean he's close to me, almost feeling like he's puffing up his chest... it was funny. Aftervwe were talking and laughing for a bit too, but I still feel he thinks I may be that guy :) Saw him again at the Royal Exclusiv/GHL booth as he knows Slief (reefcentral large tanks) who was working that booth and shook his hand again and he referred to me as "the guy who made that post". :)

      Also met Walt Smith, Julian Sprung, Melevsreef, Mr Saltwater tank and a few other unknown guys like Richard Ross and Matt Wandell, didnt take any pics with them though as I didnt want to be a fish groupie :)
    14. sfsuphysics
      Absolutely! I might try to get a few talks today,but send me a text or something to let me know when (check your messages for number)
    15. Flagg37
      That's funny. Was the comment left on youtube?
    16. Ashalye
      Matt said he recognized the LA Fishguy's voice on Friday too! We were wearing our shirts that day. It's funny he decided it was you.
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    17. Ashalye
      I'm sure that can be arranged! @Apon, @sfsuphysics
    18. sfsuphysics
      I think so, but I dont know if he has his own webpage too because he said he banned the guy and I didnt think that was something you could do on youtube, but I dunno
    19. Ashalye
    20. Flagg37
      Aww, how cute.

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