Magnetic Frag Rock - Now that's cool!!

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    I bought epoxy covered neodynium magnets, then glues them to egg crate. Works well, but neodynium magnets tend to smash together into your fingers and tend to chip the epoxy off themselves.

    Very scary to use as well, the best way is to put the rack in the tank up against the glass and make sure you know the polarity of the magnets! Then on the outside of the tank, place the other magnet, but far away ... then slowly move the outside magnet towards the rack on the inside. This way the magnet will slide over to the rack. If you try and put a neo magnet directly onto the glass near the inside magnet, it MAY smash down onto the glass because you WILL lose control of it.

    Funny (and slightly mean) anecdote:

    My nephew's family was visiting, he was maybe 12 at the time, I dunno. And was looking at the tank and of course his hand goes towards the magnets I have there. I told him DO NOT TOUCH THOSE! NO TOUCHING! The rack had three small magnets, so there were three small neo magnets on the outside.
    Anyway, after warning him again not to touch anything, I leave the room. 5 minutes later I hear a spine chilling wail and rush to see whats happened and his mom is struggling to free his finger which is pinched between two of the magnets that HE WAS TOLD NOT TO TOUCH. The rack, of course fell down. But ... I can't say that I was sorry that he got his fingers pinched.

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    Bet he will never touch those again!

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    Yes. I use these 1"sq magnets and I have gotten a blood blister and on another occasion I had one in my pocket and grabbed another one with my hand and it slammed into my leg poking a hole in my jeans. Amazingly strong.

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