[Mar 22, 2014] Chico Reef Club (CRC) Regional Swap (Chico CA)

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Chico Reef Club (CRC) Regional Swap
Start Date: Mar 22, 2014 11:00 AM
End Date: Mar 22, 2014 03:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT

Chico Pet Works Building
2201 Pillsbury Rd
Chico CA 95926

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  1. [​IMG]

    Our reefkeeping friends in Chico are inviting all BAR members to participate in their 2014 regional frag swap!

    For full details please see this thread at the CRC forum:


    So Go Ahead and Leave Those Flashlights at Home Folks


    When: Sat. March 22nd 2014
    Check in time will start at 10:30am
    Swap will begin at 12:30pm
    We ask people to get here the earlier the better so corals can have time with the lights to open if need be - Thanks [​IMG]

    Where: 2201 Pillsbury RD, Chico CA 95926
    Located in the Chico Pet Works building

    How do I get entered

    Entrance: Fee: $15 at the door plus 3 qualifying frags
    We will be running a paypal for discounted pre-paid entrance into the swap, and will have it up on the home page soon.
    PayPal prepay-$12 (Deadline for prepay will be Wednesday March 12th - the week before the swap)

    We also wanted to do something special for all of our paid club members and neighboring clubs due to this being open to the public.
    Paid club members can pay at either the February or March meetings before the swap and it will cost you $10 (otherwise $15 at the door)

    Now for our neighboring clubs - We are really looking forward to seeing some of you'all join us for this awesome event and to help in getting you here - We will be offering 5 pack carpool entrance packages thru the paypal for you guys at $55 (otherwise $15 at the door)
  2. David - looks great! Thank you so much for the help, and we look forward to seeing some of you there. It will be a great time.

    Just wanted to let everyone know you "CAN" pre register and the paypal is up and running on the home page and ready to go for the swap.

    Thanks again you guys!
  3. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I'm curious about the LED lit tables. I hope whomever goes from the club can take some pictures or something. Sounds like a great idea.

    Would love to go but Chico is a bit too far for me to want to go for a swap.
  4. We have a photo person set for each of our events now to stoke thru images. So in the case you guys miss out - we will have the entire event documented thru pictures in the thread on the forum after the event. Feel free to jump on over and check it out. Definitely easier and quicker getting to chico thru the web.lol

    Ya we started the lit tables a little over a year ago, and have ran 2 successful swaps with them. They are rad and give that comfortable feel all hobbiests are looking for...what better to put an up tight swapper at ease than with some bright whites and blues.lol

    Looking forward to seeing some of you make it. Will be an awesome event as we are pulling out all the stops.
  5. It will be awesome if some of you can make it!! Really looking forward to this one!

    We are rolling in new raffle items to be added every day and will start a lot of the updates in the swap raffle thread on monday and be adding all week.

    Chris at Petworks will be running specials on corals and dry goods during the entire event and has really been working on stocking up his flats

    Aside from that we are all excited to be getting so many reefers into the area so it has also been worked out with Reef Connections to join in the fun. They will also be stocking there reef and frag racks and will be running a special specific to swappers. The sale will not start until after the conclusion of the event but at that time anyone with a swapper badge will be able to get a buy 3 get 1 free of equal or lesser value on select racks set up just for us.

    There has been a lot of cool submissions to the LE approval thread so check that out on the new cool goods up for grabs. I know I will be bringing a good amount of le to the tables.

    Last day for pre registration I think is wed or thur the 12th or 13th.lol have to check it out. Pre reg is 12$ otherwise $15@door
  6. We over here in the CRC are constantly on the search for ways to not only better ourselves within the hobby, but make the world a better place as a whole. It has become our motive for the year to change the way we think, and do all we can do in giving back and in playing our part as a club to do our part.

    We wanted to associate this within our swap by helping someone in need, and have found someone that needs help. Here is her story - prepare your heart as it is a hard one to take in for such a small child to have to wear such a large burden.

    On February 25, 2014, 20 month old Lillyana Worthington was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Any parent can imagine the shock and horror of hearing “your baby has cancer.” Fortunately for Lillyana, ALL has a 90% cure rate. However, to achieve this cure she will have to go through two years of intensive chemotherapy in Orlando. Lillyana’s daddy is a professional Palm Bay combat Firefighter and is a member of union Local 2446 . Her mommy has had to stop working in order to care for her, reducing the family to a single income.

    We are trying to raise money to ease the financial burdens associated with frequent travel, medical expenses, and the loss of half of their family income. Lillyana’s parents should be focusing on her and her treatment and not the financial hardship a diagnosis of cancer entails. Any money raised will go towards costs associated with Lillyana’s diagnosis. Please donate, every little bit helps!

    "Arrangements have been made for all funds to directly to the Worthington Family"

    How can we help - Well the CRC is making a donation to this cause up front in the name of the club and felt it needed to be taken a bit further.

    There for we will be putting this story for Lillyana amongst the prizes to be found among our raffle table for the swap. She will have the same option as the rest of the prizes on the table in allowing anyone to donate a ticket or 20[​IMG] into this prizes ticket box(The prize won here will be helping in allowing a baby girl the chance to live a full happy and healthy life). Which trumps anything on the table.lol

    We will than take the accumilated tickets dropped for this prize and donate 100% of the proceeds from the purchases of these tickets to her, her cause, and her family on top of the already set donation from the CRC.

    I am in search of something to offer as a drawn prize for this to help feed the fire even more - tho the set prize as is I think is one of the greatest things you can take away from a raffle(so if you have any ideas or something to bring to the table let me know). I will continue to search for something, but it will go forward either way.

    If you would like to donate on your own here is a direct link to her go fund me page

    We want to say thank you to all that join us for our event, and a huge thank you to anyone that helps show the reefing community is one of the greatest out there and in helping us with the fight against cancer and assistance in the efforts of saving a young childs life.

    CRC Prez

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  7. Today is the last day to get pre registered on the site through our paypal(Wed 12th) It will be taken down on Thur and after that will be $15 at the door for our swap to be held next week on Sat March 22nd.
    Here is the link:
  8. WOOT WOOT - Tomorrow folks - this is gonna be an awesome one. I hope we get to meet some of you guys at the event.

    We have been jam packing the raffle and the tables are loaded!!
    Check it out here:

    Thanks again to anyone that plans on making the drive - and have a safe trip - We will see you tomorrow

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