March BOD Minutes

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    March BOD Meeting Minutes
    March 14, 2009

    Attendees-BOD Norman T(Mr. Ugly), Richard R(Thales), Steve P(Rockstar), Ian I(Iani), Jeremy F(tuberider), Tony G(Gomer), Charles W(cwolfus), Bryan S(seminolecpa), Erin(pixelpixi)
    Members Yard Artist, Mray2660, reefstud, zambavi, xinumaster, Ibn, Saltwtersig, Nanocube-boy, Lyn

    1. Budget
    Our budget is doing much better than expected. The raffle at the February swap was very profitable. Membership dues are more than what was budgeted. Membership is now in the 150 range.

    2. Bylaws
    The bylaws were very out-of-date. Brian and Charles recently updated them. These will be voted on by the membership at the April meeting.

    3. Family Memberships
    Family memberships, which have caused issues at swaps, have been eliminated in the new bylaws. Every family membership has been converted into two individual memberships.

    4. Website Update
    We are still considering changing our forum software from SMF to Drupal. Drupal is supposed to be more user and development friendly. People gave positive feedback on the new beta Drupal homepage. A suggestion was made to open the beta Drupal pages to a larger portion of the membership once we confirm that SMF forum data can be converted to Drupal.

    We have moved the site from Go Daddy to Dream Host and there have been problems with outages. We are switching back to Go Daddy.

    5. Propagation Program
    Sergio is heading up the prop program. The purpose of the program is to propagate corals purchased by BAR to pad swaps or use however the BOD sees fit. Frags of each coral will be distributed among the chosen participants to prevent any one tank crash from causing the loss of the lineage. Growth pictures will be posted every couple months to document progress. The proppers are Sergio, Rich, Jeff, Jonathan, Aldie and Jeremy.

    6. Newsletter
    The first BAR newsletter was produced by Brian late last year. The 2nd issue should be out early next month.

    7. LFS Tour
    BAR will have an East Bay LFS tour on Sunday March 29th. Stores to be visited are Neptune Aquatics, Atlantis, Aquatic Collection, and Aquarium Concepts.

    8. Lessons From Swap
    We need a more defined check in, need to post both group letters and raffle numbers, need to post swap info earlier, need more captive grown frags, more volunteers with specific duties and confirmed a desire to NOT have rare groups. Jeremy volunteered to organize and post a list from the various posts.

    The next swap is a Regional swap on August 8.

    9. Rosie
    Rosie is the Chabot employee who has made it possible for BAR to have its meetings at Chabot. We would like to give her a thank you gift, as is the BAR tradition.

    10. Intra-club DBTC
    Peter Kelley, President of MARS, and Mark Smith, Chairman of MARS DBTC, attended the meeting to gather information on our DBTC before they formally launch it in their club. A lively discussion ensued.

    The group agreed that DBTC
    a. has eliminated the scarcity of rare corals
    b. produced a spirit of generosity
    c. allowed the replacement of corals from tanks that have crashed
    d. created a competition of who can give away the mostest, bestest corals
    e. was a cultural transformation for the club

    The group agreed that the lack of formal rules helped the program. It allowed for more creativity in the posts. The pros and cons of MARS having Extreme DBTCs was discussed. Pests problems were discussed and the importance of dipping with Providone was emphasized.

    Both clubs vowed to develop a closer relationship between the two clubs, sharing information, meeting posts and possibly speakers.

    11. Top 10
    The club has made good progress on its Top 10 goals for 2009. We have communicated better, created a newsletter, created committees, a propagation system, will have a LFS tour to bring more value to our sponsors, Jeremy has worked on a little brother and sister program and have created a new member forum.

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