March BOD Minutes

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    March BOD Minutes

    Regional Swap Lessons Learned
    Prohibiting the previewing of the frags was a positive addition.
    Longer picking rounds would be an improvement.
    The time between rounds was too short.
    The large sized groups weren’t a problem.
    It took too long for the groups to get into the picking area. Maybe a wider entrance would be an improvement.
    The room layout will be changed for the next swap. The picking area would be best on the side of the room closest to the entry door. The check-in would be moved to the old picking area.
    We should remind people to bring flashlights and possibly have them for sale at the swap.
    A suggestion was made to hang fixtures over the frag tables.
    It was hard to hear the MC from the back of the room, but the new arrangement of the room would solve this. People will be congregating closer to the speaker.
    The Newbie Table was a big success. The free beginner corals went over well, along with the standards. Sherri, Richard and Norm were kept busy helping and conversing with swappers.

    BAYMAC will be hosted by BAR at Chabot College on May 8, 2010. There will be nationally recognized speakers, major product manufacturers, and coral vendors. This is a big event and many volunteers will be needed.
    BAR will host a table at which we will sell frags (concentrating on lower priced ones), and possibly provide directions to LFSs, a fragging demonstration, and examples of pests.

    Upcoming Meetings
    In April Leslie Harris will give a reef tank hitch hikers talk. Please bring your hitch hikers or at least pictures of them.
    BAYMAC will be in May.
    June will feature Justin Credible speaking on coral fusion.
    July will be a BOD meeting featuring Charles’ Lessons Learned.
    In August we will have our Members Only Swap.

    Corals of BAR
    This will be a hard cover educational coffee table style book featuring prevalent DBTC corals. Pictures of colony sized corals will be taken from several different angles. Brian and Patrick volunteered to help coordinate the project.

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