Marine Depot Sidewalk Sale 5/1/10 - Who needs Equipment?

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    I saw it in RC i would to share to all of you.

    In a troubling Economy, Reefers need a break! Here is your chance to save a good chunk of change on products that you may be looking for. This is a SCMAS fundraiser! Members are encouraged to be there at 9:00 am to help set up and stay to help clean up. You will also be given approx 5 minutes head start before we open.

    May 1, 2010

    begin: 10:00 (+ or - 30 minutes)
    end: 1:00 pm (+ or - 30 minutes)

    Marine Depot
    14271 Corporate Drive
    Garden Grove, CA 92843

    Up to 40% below regular prices

    Name brands like Algae Free, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, AquaC, AquaChef, Artica, ASM, Azoo, Blue Life, Aqua Logic, Aqua Medic, Captive Purity, Coralife, CPR, Current USA, Digital Aquatics, Deltec, Dolphin, Ecotec, Eheim, Elos, Fission, Giesemann, Hamilton, Hydor, Instant Ocean, Iwaki, JBJ, Kent, Knop, Laguna, Little Giant, Lumatek, Maxi-Jet, Neptune Systems, Ocean Runner, Pan World, PFO, Phoenix, Precision Marine, Quiet-One, Pinpoint, Radium, Red Sea, Reeflo, Rena, Salifert, Seachem, Sedra, Spectrapure, Sunlight Supply, Tom, Tunze, UVL, Ultralife, Ushio, Via Aqua, Warner Marine, Won, XM Lighting, ect.

    Large variety of equipment like pumps, chillers, lighting, filtration systems, protien skimmers, controllers, monitors, RO/DI, test kits, and more.
    Approximately $100,000 of "opened merchandise" that can no longer be sold as new.
    All equipment will be available for testing with AC outlets available
    Cash only, no warranty, no returns.

    Proceeds go to benefit Southern California Marine Aquarium Society.

    Don't miss these once-in-a-lifetime bargains!

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