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    January 2019 - Suspended frag investigation makes it difficult to clean and work in tank. End of semester craziness and 2-week break left tank to its own devices for the most part. Have a few tufts of green algae and some cyano on the sand. No fish (goby from @RandyC disappeared Nov-Dec). Needs a bit of storming at next water change. I am pleased to see coralline on the glass after a couple weeks of no cleaning because for the longest time I had none (urchins, low Ca/Alk) and my dosers dose into my sump that I think has low flow and even though I stagger the dosing it seems like it precipitates in there.


    Hollywood Stunner Echinophyllia differences - huge one is pale and overlit I think - compare to frag below it that has been growing on the sandbed. In person they look very pale vs dark:

    Check out yellow porites response to OysterFeast:

    Added little frag holders on the sand and one side of tank:


    Haha - front frag looks like a hand making peace sign:

    Good tidings for the New Year are in the QT:

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    So a kid asks what are the silver things in the tank? I'm thinking some fool put in staples or something. Nope!


    Clownfish eggs! Snapchat must have had tons of pics of them today from students. I think I got these clowns in 2002 or 2003 and they have not laid eggs that I have seen in years. Colleague said we must take excellent care of them to lay eggs. Not really - I think they were fed 3 times in two weeks during winter break. Lucky us!
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    And the Portal viewer back on the glass where it belongs :D
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    Latest (and best) attempt at coral fragging with 70 students! Instead of having fragging and mounting going on at the same time, a few students used bone cutters and Dremel in an earlier class, then I fragged a ton in the evening. Today they just rotated through gluing frags onto plugs in small groups. QT is now frag holding pen, ready for Day 2 of other students tomorrow. Had to make some tiny frags!
    Ha - students with neat writing had numbered 60 frag plugs. I cut up tons of frags yesterday and carefully placed them so we could probably keep track of different Cyphastrea and other encrusters by name or color. Then, the boy who offered to remove the frags for the class to mount knocked the powerhead with the tongs, upset all the frags, then scooped out handfuls and dumped them into water tubs for the class. So much for labeling. Hopefully tomorrow goes as well and we find places for all the plugs.
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    well fed fish are happy fish

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