Mavericks!!! What I did while everyone was at the Swap:)

Discussion in 'Photography' started by fishnfst, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Go Midtowners :lol:

    He mixes some mad drinks as well :)
  2. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

    That's killer you went on a boat. Better on a boat than getting knocked out on the beach during high tide! haha! :O :bigsmile:
  3. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

    Thanks for the photos. I live a walking distance from there and had planned on going, but found myself celebrating my 50th that day in Maui. I was glad to come home and find someone caught some awesome photos. All the talk in Maui was about how the spectators got creamed.
  4. fishnfst

    fishnfst Guest

    Thanks again guys.. I saw the wave that took out those people... There were two guys who looked like they were going to ride it. THey were paddling like crazy then at the last second they both turned around hahaha.. IT was a beast of a wave.. The largest I had seen all morning... It got taller and taller and didn't break until late...
  5. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Supporting Member

    Wow. Gnarly. Thanks for the replay.

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