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    Gears.png Information
    BAR will be hosting a presentation by a reef nutrition expert covering techniques and principals of culturing pods used at a commercial reef nutrition production facility. The guest speaker will be Chad Clayton, the Live Feeds Supervisor for Reed Mariculture. As you may know, Reed Mariculture cultures and sells live mysid shrimp and copepods including Parvocalanus crassirostris and Tigriopus californicus (aka tigger pods) and is the company which produces the Reef Nutrition products.

    This presentation will be more of a discussion on pod culturing. Bring your questions if you want to discuss topics related to reef nutrition. This is the perfect learning opportunity for those people who are interested in keeping those pesky "hard-to-keep-alive-because-it-doesnt-eat-prepared-food" species like dragonets, certain wrasses, sea horses, pipefish etc. These fish tend to only eat pods or live foods like brine shrimp and mysis. Unfortunately, often times these fish deplete the pod population of our tanks quickly and slowly starve to death. Come learn how a reef nutrition expert cultures and feeds pods.

    The Speaker:

    Chad Clayton is an incredibly knowledgeable aquarist as well as the Live Feeds Supervisor for Reed Mariculture's Reef Nutrition. He's worked in numerous hatcheries from coast to coast, from Hawaii doing commercial food fish aquaculture, to Florida where he worked at ORA for many years. Live Feeds is just one of many areas Chad specializes in, feel free to bring your own questions related to reef nutrition, don't hold back he loves to teach! You're welcome to bring up discussion on any topics related to coral, invertebrate, and fish nutrition.

    Here is a link to Chad Clayton's Profile Page on OSRA.

    Main topics
    • How to culture the various groups of copepods
    • Why copepods are used in aquaculture and reef keeping
    • How are they being administered to larval fish, juvenile fish, adult fish and corals

    *This event is open to everyone, new and experienced hobbyists are welcome. You do not have to be a member to attend so come on by! :)

    1429262588_location-48.png Event Details

    • Speaker: Chad Clayton - Live Feeds Supervisor for Reed Mariculture.
    • Location: ROOM 2338 Chabot College in Hayward (See below for more details)
    • Date: May 9, 2015 (Saturday)
    • Time: 1:00PM
    • Map.jpg

    ticket.png Free Raffles
    • Four Free Raffle Prizes
      • 1 Reef Nutrition Sample Pack (Valued at $150)
      • TDO Chromaboost Small Pellets
      • TDO Chromaboost Medium Pellets
      • TDO Chromaboost Large Pellets
        • Chromaboost is essentially a high quality fish food designed to maximize fish growth, health, and color.
          • Click here and the picture for more information.
          • 861374_514555571917257_1760497402_o.jpg
    • The Raffle is for Supporting Members Only but the presentation is open to everyone.

    1429262700_shopping_cart_loaded-48.png BAR Supplies
    • We will be selling bSi IC-Gel Reef Glue (5$) and BAR t-shirts.
      • FYI this is really good super glue.
    • icgel.jpg
    cars.png CARPOOLS
    • San Mateo area - @Enderturtle (I'm stopping by Aquatic Collection after for a couple minutes)
    • Mountain View area - @wpeterson

    This information will continue to be updated as we approach the date of the presentation which is Saturday May 9, 2015, so check back often more details!

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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by denzil, Jan 26, 2015.

    1. Enderturtle
      Updated some information for our upcoming event.
    2. sfsuphysics
      wondering if they're working with anyone (or themselves) to figure out an automated delivery system that doesn't involve drilling a hole in a mini-fridge
    3. Reef Nutrition
      Reef Nutrition
      Hi All...

      Our mysids are drop shipped from the grower in Florida. They mainly raise them as bio-assay organisms. We commercially grow several species of copepods, several species of rotifers and our main production is numerous species of phytoplankton. We grow more algae in a day, then any of our aquarium competition grow in many months, and in most cases, a year. We're the worlds largest producer of live zooplankton and microalgae concentrates.

      Mike, we've explored that for years. I (Gresham) proto-typed a few over the years, but the price point would be beyond reach of most hobbyists. My goal is/was to have it available to the average hobbyist, but I couldn't meet that :( There are some other companies looking at it, but I'm worried they won't be able to get enough sales to support the sale of them. I was shooting for a sub $200 unit, I couldn't even hit that as a wholesale price point... granted my last attempt was several years ago. I'd say Neptune Systems is best positioned for the manufacture of such an item as they have technology to drive it, and they've got Terence... that man is unstoppable (you should have him out to the club).

      Chad is one incredibly knowledgeable aquarist. He's worked in numerous hatcheries from coast to coast, from Hawaii doing commercial food fish aquaculture, to Florida where he worked at ORA for many years. Live Feeds is just one of many areas you can pick his brain in other words... don't hold back, he loves to teach.
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    4. Enderturtle
      Hey gresh mind i I copy paste some of the info you posted into the event description?
    5. Reef Nutrition
    6. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      We are having Terrance out btw, thanks for the input as always.
    7. Enderturtle
      What do you mean Terrance?
    8. jonmos75
      Terrance it the VP of Sales & Marketing for Neptune System APEX Controllers
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    9. Reef Nutrition
      Reef Nutrition
      Ooops... yes, Terence Fugazzi is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Netpune Systems. He KNOWS his stuff like no one else.

      - Gresham Hendee

      Please note:
      Chad Clayton is going to take over this account from here out
      I've taken a job at an aquaponic farm as their aquaculture manager.
      I'll still be consulting with Reed Mariculture, as well as still doing some tradeshows for them,
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    10. Enderturtle
      Will you still be around as baymac?
    11. BAYMAC
      I will. Jess wants to relaunch BAYMAC, so I'll probably be helping him with that. I won't be around in the capacity as a company rep, but I'll still share my knowledge.
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    12. Enderturtle
      Sounds good. I've seen the old baymac pictures on here and rc, looked pretty damn cool. Let me know if you guys want my help.
      Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
    13. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Good luck in the new endeavor gresh!
    14. Reef Nutrition
      Reef Nutrition
      Hi everyone; this is Chad Clayton from Reed Mariculture. I look forward to meeting everyone in May to discuss some of the finer points of copepod culture such as: how to culture the various groups of copepods, why copepods are used in aquaculture and reef keeping, and how are they being administered to larval fish, juvenile fish, adult fish and corals. If any of you have any questions or related discussion topics, please don't hesitate to put it on here. Gresham, thanks for the introduction and thanks to Denzil for getting this thing rolling.
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    15. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Awesome! Sounds interesting to me!
    16. spmorgan
      Is anyone going to this from San Francisco? I have the BAR PAR meter and would like to give it to someone to take back to the organizers.
    17. Enderturtle
      Actually @sfsuphysics I believe you asked for the par meter before I did. Could you pick up the meter from spmorgan? You're the closest to him.

      Also can you believe they call the Reef Nutrition package a "Sample Pack"? Those are a lot of bottles and they're usually around 20$ each! I have the oyster feast bottle and I've only used about 5% of it for the past 3 months (40 gallon tank). Good stuff!!!! Seeing more color and polyp extension out of my corals.
      Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
    18. BAYMAC
      IIRC its around $170 in product. I prefered clubs not break it up as it was my intention that you could try all products. Lotsa people try em, use a few and give the rest away. But.... what I prefered and intended is not necessarily what Reed intends now.

      1 caveat... that picture needs to be changed. We, scratch that, they stopped adding Macro-Feast and Fuzzy-Phytes with the sampler.
    19. Enderturtle
      Well the plan is to give away the sample pack as 1 item.

      Okay no macrofeast and no fuzzy phytes will be included.

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