May BOD Meeting Minutes

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    ATTENDEES: Charles W, Norm T, Jeremy F, Steve P, Erin, Bryan S, Tony G
    Bluevoodoo, Knucklehead, Otakuthugster, Yard Artist, Adolfo425, Raddogz, IBN, Sherri, dswong01, sfsuphysics

    May LFS Tour
    This will be a San Francisco tour. We hope to visit three stores. Two of the three have been confirmed. A potluck will happen at Chris’ during the tour.

    June Meeting
    The June meeting will feature Gen, who is a master acrylic tank builder. It will be held on June 6, to allow the club to participate in BayMac on June 13th. Jeremy will ask the membership which acrylic related topics that would like to learn about, so he can relay those requests to Gen.

    DBTC Tracking
    Around 20% of our existing DBTC threads have been converted over to the new tracking format. Eric has volunteered (was volunteered) to help categorize frags. Several issues still exist, including how to handle people no longer in the club that were part of a chain, Generation 1, and giving frags back to someone. There was discussion about removing “Dead Threads” from the body of DBTC threads and create a “Land of the Lost Frags” for them.

    BayMac is a free reefing event produced by Gresham and Max that will be held June 13th in San Jose. This gives us an opportunity to spread our Mission, interact with other clubs and raise money for the club. We will send out a request for frags to sell during the event. All proceeds benefit the club. No one volunteered to coordinate the event. Mike will help with teardown. Ryan will help setup and Sherri will also help. Experienced reefers are needed to sell frags in shifts. Other needs are a tank, ballast and skimmer (Jeremy), pendant (Bryan), and containers. Left over frags will be donated to other clubs.

    IMAC will be a large Reef event happening August 31 thru September 2 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The club hopes to send some representatives to help spread our philosophy and make contacts for future speakers, etc. No table has been designated for the club, but we hope to find a place to hang our banner and disseminate information on our mission.

    The swap date is uncertain at this point. August 15th is available, but we will try for August 8th. We expect more people than last time, when we had around 110. We want to publicize it more and reach out to more clubs around the state. The check in area will be closer to the entry door. The picking area will be closer to the podium. We need to have more members working the event.

    1. Communicate Better
    We need to ensure that event information be posted 2 months prior to said events. The BOD agenda is to be posted before the meeting to encourage even better attendance.

    2. Develop Propagation System
    This is established and headed by Sergio. We have around six proppers who will give quarterly reports on the growth of their corals for the newsletter. These reports will help educate members on their care. We are hoping to have six frags from the program available for the August swap.

    3. New Member Forum
    Up and running.

    4. Big Brother and Sister Program
    This was never defined. Sherri and Richard volunteered to form a Welcoming Committee to develop ways to integrate new members into the mainstream of the club. Sherri was nominated for Club Mom.

    5. Newsletter
    One very good newsletter was produced. The club is looking for a volunteer to act as editor and help produce more quarterly issues. The goal is to publish two more issues before the end of the year.

    6. Increase Sponsor Value
    The Sponsor forum has been improved. There will be two LFS tours before the end of the year.

    7. Expand Club Image
    The goal is to send at least two members to reef events such as BayMac, IMAC, and other clubs’ events and to develop cards that publicize our mission and DBTC.

    8. DBTC Tracking System
    Established. Now we need to populate it and then develop statistics from it.

    9. BOD Succession
    How to identify and encourage possible new Board members was discussed and tabled until a future meeting.

    10. Increase Involvement Through Select Committees
    The prop program has increased involvement, along the Welcoming Committee.
    The swap will require lots of member participation.

    There was agreement that any type of monetary requirements in DBTC were against the spirit of the program.

    Drupal rocks, but a couple of issues have arisen. Sometimes members have to log in twice before getting access to the forum, which might be related to the Drupal SMF interface. Erin agreed to post a thread asking for wanted forum improvements. She will then assemble a list of suggestions with a judgment on the viability and time requirement for each, so they can be prioritized and acted on.

    Abolishing SMF is a high priority for the club. We will look for a module that will allow us to download all SMF PMs, so we can drop it.

    We will poll the membership to see if the gallery is still desired. Using Photobucket would be an equivalent.

    Two promo cards will be developed. One intended to give other clubs information on our mission and DBTC. The other card will be for generic use, stating our name, philosophy, and web address.

    The idea of giving away bottles of providone aligns with our mission. The bottles should be properly labeled and a MSDS provided. BAR’s name and website address should also appear on the bottle
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    ahem.. I was in attendance too.. was there a sign in sheet I missed at my lonely table in the corner? :D
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    Yes you did Mike, and you missed it when it was being passed around too!! :D
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    Didn't get passed to me! That's what I get for being a loner :(

    Anyways, just wanted to add the tidbit I was there just in case there are any meeting requirements for future swap events and the like :)
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    Sorry missing the sign up automatically blacklists you from all future events :)
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    Jeremy, who are you talking to? I all I get a blank post field above your's :p
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    Sorry I banned him and removed all of his posts, it was that one guy that was at the BOD meeting :D
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    It was a good meeting learned a lot of what makes BAR work.

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